Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pictures as promised

I decided I better blog before I get distracted on Facebook, so here goes.

Not too much happened today. It was cold, rainy and there was also a little bit of snow. The snow wasn't too much to speak of and we're needing 1.2 inches to beat the all time snow record, so we need some of this precipitation in the forecast to be snow, so this year can be remembered in the record books.

Since there wasn't much going on today, I'm just going to post the pictures I took yesterday, as promised.

This is the flag ceremony to begin the Scout Show at the State Capitol.

Gage and Tyson making neckerchief slides. I don't think they are going to be very "functional" but I'm looking through the Bear handbook to see if it will count towards earning his bear badge.

This is how it's done! We had to then bring the neckerchief slide home and bake it in the oven to make it harden.

Gage making a Pinewood Derby car display at one of the Pack's booth. This was a neat little craft that does count as an achievement in the Bear book, so we're already on the trail towards earning the badge.

Gage getting a few instructions on how to hammer a nail without bending it. :-)

This is what I call concentration. I see there are safety goggles here that are not in use. Hmmm.

It's much easier to hammer a nail two-handed!

Emma takes a crack at the climbing wall. She didn't make it all the way to the top. It's a bit taller than the one at the zoo, so I think it was not that it was too challenging to make it to the top, but that she was a little too scared to try.

Dad and Emma taking a little break before the closing ceremonies and Pinewood Derby awards.

Emma won 1st place in the "Outlaw Division" of the Pinewood Derby races. Her "Flower Power Love Bug" cannot be beaten! It seriously didn't lose a race and this was a district wide race!

All the winning cars. :-) Gage says that Emma is NOT racing that car again next year. He was quite upset that she won the race and didn't care that it wasn't him that she beat. I'm quite sure Emma will not be retiring the Love Bug any time soon!

Gage snaps his wheel into the bottom of his new Heely's.

I told him I needed a picture of them before they got all scuffed up so I can put it in the scrapbook with his first big accident, when it happens. Notice I say "when" and not "if"!

Gage wanted Dad to help him out just a bit at first. He was outside playing around with these for a few hours yesterday afternoon and he is actually getting pretty good at it. However, he is still crashing and there were a few big "thuds" heard on the living room floor this afternoon. Gage was not very happy about the rain today as he wanted to be outside Heelying (can that even be a word?) Scott made Gage read through the instruction book on how to take care of the Heelys and it said not to use them when it's wet, as it will cause rusting, or in the dirt, which can clog up the wheel. Let me just tell you that I have Heely wheel marks all over the living room and dining room floor. He's not going to be happy when I tell him there's rain or snow forecasted for most of the week! It's going to be a fun week, I can already tell!

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