Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tired kids

Gage is still exhausted, trying to recover from his weekend turkey hunt. He was up late and up VERY early and we are still suffering because of it. I think tomorrow, while they are at school, I may try putting aluminum foil on their windows so I can get them to fall asleep at a decent time. If that doesn't work, it's going to be a LONG summer!

We ate wild turkey for supper tonight. Are you surprised? I wasn't expecting much. I am SO TIRED of pheasant that the thought of eating it almost makes me gag, and I really thought the turkey would taste alot like the pheasant. Boy was I wrong! It was really tasty. Scott cooked it on the grill with the Tony's cajun seasoning and I surprisingly liked it. The one turkey breast he cooked was huge and he froze the other one. I wondered why he didn't pluck it, but I'm glad he did it this way. I'm sure it also took much less time to breast it out than to pluck that huge thing.

This morning we had a treat a church. The Missouri River Boys played most of the music. I could totally be a Missouri River Boys groupie. I love listening to them. I'm hoping that when Mom and Dad decide to come and visit, that it will be at a time when I can take them to listen to the Missouri River Boys in person. I bought them the CD awhile back, but it is so much better live. They certainly draw a crowd at church. We almost had as many in attendance today as we did on Easter Sunday!

Tomorrow evening we have Gage's pack meeting to attend at school. The wolf and bear cubs will be graduating, or advancing, into the next level. We have worked hard this year and accomplished quite a bit in Gage's wolf handbook. With our new Cubmaster, I think the ceremony is going to be fun for the boys. They will get their faces painted with war paint that symbolizes certain parts of Cub Scouts. I'll be sure to take pictures.

Emma starts soccer practice Tuesday evening so our spring activity calendar has sprung I do believe. Or at least it's going to soon. I get in less trouble when I'm busy. :-)

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