Monday, April 27, 2009

Last show-and-tell day for Gage

Man, I HATE it when Gage has show-and-tell at school. Each kids gets to do show-and-tell about once a month, one kid assigned to each school day. Today was Gage's day. I thought if it just as I put them to bed last night, but I didn't want to say anything then, because I knew he would never go to sleep. He has such an AWFUL time figuring out what to take. This morning, at about 8am, he said he wanted to take Sid, the salamander. Good Lord, it was almost time to leave for school and there was no way I could arrange for that to happen. I thought they weren't supposed to take animals to school for show-and-tell, but he told me his friend Alexandra has taken her tadpoles and someone else had a hamster. I told him it was too cold out for Sid and he would have to figure something else out. He was ticked and whining and crying. He asked if he could take his Heelys and I told him he could, but he couldn't ride them at school. Then he didn't want that either. After he figured out that I wasn't giving in about Sid, he knew he needed to pick something else, and in a hurry, because it was almost time to leave for school. He asked if he could take some Legos and I decided what the heck! Go ahead! If you lose them, don't come home crying! He couldn't decide and was upset again because he couldn't take Sid. I then asked him if he wanted to take his MTT Star Wars Lego set. The HUGE set I built for him last fall. He said, "Really?" He was happy then. After school when I picked him up, he said that everyone was so jealous of his show-and-tell. LOL. I guess that's what he wanted. Thank goodness today was his last day for show-and-tell!

Not much happened today. I got all the laundry done AGAIN. I try to make Monday my day for laundry since there isn't anything else going on, usually.

Scott is out in the field trapping ducks and should be home tomorrow afternoon. Gage has his first baseball practice tomorrow at 6:30 and Emma has soccer at 6:30, so I need him to be here to help shuttle kids. Actually, I hope it rains, like they are forecasting, so there won't be any practice. I know we don't need the water right now, but just enough to wet the fields would be nice! :-)

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