Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blog neglect!

I have been neglecting my blog and I feel quite guilty about it! I totally forgot to post last night and didn't think about it until I had already gone to bed and it was already late, so figured I better just stay in bed. I have been having too much fun on Facebook and it has been monopolizing my time, especially since my whole family is on there!

Easter is sneaking right up on me! I went out today and got a few things for the kids' Easter baskets. I'm burned out on the toys and don't plan on buying any (really Dad, I'm serious!). They have some good videos out so thought I would get them each a video. I finally got some eggs and dye today so we'll be able to do that later this week.

We are going bowling Friday afternoon/evening for our den meeting this month. That should be fun. The boys will get a 5 minute tour of how the bowling alley works. Should be interesting. They will earn belt loops and a pin for this, so the boys will be excited about that. We haven't had a den meeting since December because Scott has been trying to get an ice fishing date set up. Unfortunately that didn't work out, and I REFUSE to go out onto the ice when it starts warming up this time of year! I'm scared to go out on it when it's 20 below zero! Drowning is just not the way I want to go!

I seem to have jumped right back in to my role as a parent without much difficulty. It's always nice to have a little break every now and then. I get them less frequently than that; however. We have a short week this week, so looking forward to that. Gage is the Acolyte at church at the Maundy Thursday service. We have never been to one of those so it will be interesting. He has a few more candles to light I think? Hopefully he doesn't burn the place down!

While I was back in Iowa, we were all trying to encourage Mom and Dad to stop smoking by voluntarily giving up something we like that isn't necessarily good for us. Kim is giving up diet pop and the suggested I give up Starbucks. I agreed that I would do that if Mom and Dad would quit smoking. I have passed by Starbucks 3 times already since I've been back and have wanted to pull in through the Drive-thru and get a coffee, but I didn't. I tried calling Mom and Dad tonight to see if they have smoked, because if they have, I'm going to drink a coffee. Unfortunately (or fortunately) they weren't home, or didn't answer, when I called, so I am still in limbo. You guys better not be smoking!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

go ahead and get your starbucks stacy,lol we didnt make it, but did till monday, love ya

Kysa said...

love ya mom amd dad!!!! I was thinking about giving up my diet pop after this supply i have bought is gone.....ok...i'm not going to think about that any more...haha