Saturday, April 18, 2009

First Turkey

Scott and Gage arrived back home today around 2pm. Gage and Emma were fighting by 2:30, so it was already back to normal.

I wanted to share this picture of Scott and Gage with their first turkey ever. It's a Merriam's turkey that they got in the badlands of North Dakota, near Bowman. Scott has already gotten the fan stuck into his turkey decoy to make it look even more real.

Gage had fun, but he apparently didn't get enough sleep because he returned grouchy. I figured that would happen. I wonder how old he needs to be to grow out of that? LOL! I know, he probably never will. He needs his beauty rest!

Emma and I watched Marley and Me this morning and it had be bawling again. I just can't handle the sad part. It's a pretty good movie though.

The weather is a bit cooler here today and I think it's supposed to be again tomorrow. I wish it would just make it's mind up and either stay cold or stay warm! I hate this back and forth stuff. It needs to stay warm so Scott can get all of the dog crap picked up out back. It's all over the place and I won't even let the kids play back there because someone will for sure come inside with crap all over their shoes! It's disgusting.

Emma has a birthday party to go to tomorrow afternoon. That's about the only thing that is planned for any of us tomorrow. I'm thinking every girl in her class has invited her to their birthday party. I'm tired of birthday parties! It's getting too expensive!

Emma has been doing a pretty good job of holding her pen correctly. I asked her teacher on Friday about it and she said she's been doing really well! I guess getting her ears pierced at the end of the month is good motivation. I'm going to have to come up with some excuse as to why she can't get them pierced yet! LOL! I'm such a MEAN MOM!

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Jari said...

you better follow through stacy she is trying so hard you will make her not try if you don't follow through with your end of the bargain