Friday, April 10, 2009

Bowling with the Cub Scouts

Today we got our den of Cub Scouts together for an afternoon of bowling. One of the electives in the Wolf Handbook was to go bowling, and there is also a bowling belt loop and pin they can earn as well. We all met at the bowling alley at 3pm. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I had to drop Scott and the kids off and run back to Bismarck to get my camera. I'm glad I did. I posted all of the pictures I took on Facebook as it is much faster to download, so you can check more of them out there.

I have no idea why Gage is bowling left handed? He isn't left handed and has done nothing else that I have noticed, left handed.

Emma had to have a little help from Dad. Her 10 lb bowling ball is a bit too heavy for her!

We had called ahead of time to see if we could get a little tour of the bowling alley for the Scouts. The tour we got was quite fascinating. I had no idea what the pin setting machines were like. They can be quite dangerous and there have been a couple of people killed by them, one being a worker in a Fargo bowling alley. He also showed us the machine they use to wax the lanes. It is a very "smart" machine and has a blue tooth memory (I think that's what it is called) that it uses and it will wax all of the lanes without much guidance from a human! He said the machine was $46,000, but that it will eventually save money as it frees up the workers to do other things.

These were the final scores of the den (plus Emma and Brayden) G=Gage; T=Tyson; T=T.J.; B=Brycen; E=Emma; B=Brayden.
Tyson, T.J., Brycen and Gage (missing: Cameron)

After we finished bowling, Scott talked to them about how to keep score, which is done by computers at this bowling alley, and several other things to help each of the boys earn a bowling belt loop and pin. While we were getting our tour of the, "behind the scenes", bowling alley, the worker found a cracked bowling pin and gave it to us. All of the boys wanted it, so I said that whoever got the highest score would win it. Needless to say, that made everyone get a little competitive because they all wanted it. Brayden, who is an older brother of Brycen, who is in our den, won, but since he wasn't in the Scout group, his Dad told him he couldn't win it. T.J. ended up getting to take the pin home. Gage wasn't very happy, but he was sidetracked at trying to get Tyson to come over for a playdate when we got home. The answer was NO and Gage was not satisfied with that. He proceeded to throw a nice little fit at the bowling alley, which continued the rest of the evening. We can pretty much guess when this is going to happen, because he's ALWAYS like this the day after getting to sleep later than normal, which happened last night because of the Maundy Thursday service.
We needed to run to Sam's Club for a few things and we listened to Gage gripe and moan the entire time. I don't know what sparked his memory, but he then decided that today was the day he wanted to get his hair colored green. Well, it's now 6pm! After we left Sam's Club, and were driving by the mall, Gage was still griping about the fact that he has waited FOREVER already since when we said he could get his hair dyed green. I told Scott to turn into the mall and we would check at the JCPenney hair salon. I think Gage was a little shocked that we were actually going to do it! We all went in and they said they had time to do it. I asked Gage if he was sure, because he would have green hair for Easter. He didn't care. I did! However, I decided I wasn't going to fight this because I was sick of hearing it and we went back to get his hair dyed green.

The beautician talked to Gage a little bit trying to find out if he wanted just to have green streaks or to dye his whole head. He wanted his whole head. She asked him, "Are you sure you want to do that?" The concern in her voice made him start second guessing himself. He was getting worried about it and then asked if she could do the streaks and if he liked it, then just do the whole head. She initally said there wouldn't be time, but then she told him she would. I think she was feeling bad for him because he was starting to worry a bit.

Does that look like a face of worry or excitement to you?
We had to wait awhile for her to come out of the back with the hair dye, so I snapped a few pictures of Gage, as he sat, nervously waiting.
I think he's contemplating whether or not this is a good idea and shocked that we actually stopped to let him get this done. I believe he just wanted something else to gripe about and couldn't believe it when we decided not to "go there".
After several minutes of waiting. She came out of the back room with a few different hair colors. She discovered that they didn't actually have green. She showed him the other choices, which were pink, red, purple and blue. Gage has pinkophobia so there's no way he would EVER let pink dye be put into his hair. He wasn't thrilled with the other colors either, so he decided to wait. He was completely ticked off and pouting when we left, even though he was scared to death inside. He knew it was safe to gripe because it wasn't going to happen anyway.
We then ran to Target and while there, I remembered that I needed to get Emma some white shoes for Easter. They didn't have any in Target so I took Emma to Payless Shoes in the mall. I remembered that there was a hair salon right outside of Target, in the mall, so I had Scott go over there with Gage to see if they could do his hair. They said they would have to make an appointment so they could have the hair color on hand. Needless to say, when Emma and I were coming out of the shoe store, Gage was sitting in the middle of the mall bawling his head off. UGH! It was certainly past time to get home and get to bed!
I'm praying tomorrow will be a better day! And I'm thankful Gage won't have green hair for Easter.
What a "Good Friday" this has been!