Thursday, April 16, 2009

On the verge

I think I am on the verge of a major back spasm! I haven't had any back pain for quite awhile and have been quite happy about that. I started having some pain in my lower back last Sunday, and I seriously think it was because I spent the entire Easter day in the kitchen fixing supper. I remember when I was making the noodles, I had bent over to lean on the counter because my back was starting to get sore. I guess I shouldn't spend that much time in the kitchen from now on! :-) Every now and again it will start hurting really bad and then it will go away, which makes me thing it's spasming and when I least expect it, it's going to take me down to my knees. I just pray it isn't this weekend while Scott is gone turkey hunting with Gage. Although, I'm sure Emma would be a great little helper if something like that happened. I remember when Gage was just a little guy, still in his crib, when we lived in Montana and I was sitting at the computer while he was napping. When he woke up and started fussing, I got up from the computer and whammm-o, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I fell to my knees and had to crawl to his room wondering what I was going to do, as Scott wasn't home. After I got to his room, I decided I needed to get to the phone and call Scott. I attempted to stand up and couldn't because the pain was so bad. I had to crawl to the phone and then crawl back to Gage's room to call Scott to tell him to come home. Thankfully he was in his office at the university and he was able to come right home. We lived about 5 miles out of town, but he made it home pretty quick. I had to sit on the floor in front of Gage's crib just talking to him and trying to make him happy. He wanted out and there wasn't anything I could do about it. I've had these kind of back spasms at least a handful of times and they certainly are not any fun! I end up on painkillers and muscle relaxers. I may self-medicate before bed tonight to see if that helps. My combination of migraine meds would probably help some (prescription strength Naproxen and Flexeril, which is a muscle relaxer).

Maybe it's all this harvesting I've been doing on Kysa's Facebook farm?

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Kysa said...

facebook is so bad I don't even get on the blog to read it like i used too...bad me...