Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy Day

We had quite a busy day today! Emma and I started our day off with soccer. She did such a great job and scored 2 goals. I was really proud of her and excited about her aggressiveness, which you know Gage has been lacking in the sports department. I think maybe Emma is going to be the athlete in the family. She ran hard and did just what she was supposed to do. She was playing against a team that one of our Daisy Scouts is on, so she was excited to see Paige there and they had fun playing against each other. After we left the soccer field, we headed to the Capitol for the Scout Show. There were tons of things going on there, which is where we spent almost the rest of our day, it seemed. I have tons of pictures that I will post tomorrow. The kids were exhausted tonight and fell asleep relatively quick after putting them to bed. Gage used his money he's been saving to buy himself a pair of Heely's, so I've been telling people we've seen outside this evening that we now have 9-1-1 on speed dial! I'm almost sure we'll end up with a broken bone before the summer is over...............heck, maybe even before the summer begins!

Scott brought me a note (like Emma does) asking me to join him for a movie and popcorn upstairs, so I better get going. I'll post the pictures I have on here (and Facebook) tomorrow.

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