Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009 - Good news!

The good news is no one choked to death on any chicken bones tonight at supper! The chicken and noodles were actually quite good, despite what the kids said. Emma didn't want the mashed potatoes under the chicken and noodles and Gage didn't want the chicken and noodles over his mashed potatoes. I guess they should have shared the same plate and ate what the other one wouldn't. Unfortunately the kids weren't impressed with my idea of an Easter dinner. What's new? I guess that's one of the reasons that I don't like cooking so much, because someone isn't going to like it most generally. Gage did say he liked the deviled eggs, but I screwed up on those and tried to go by memory of what Kim told me on Facebook. She said 1/2 tsp of apple cider vinegar and I put in 2 tsp. Oops! Both of the kids liked them though, so I guess that was a good mistake. I definitely had way too much food and I spent way too much time preparing it. I'll try and remember that next year. Maybe we'll just go to Perkins?

They were calling for rain in the forecast today, so last night after I logged off Facebook and went to take my bath, I started thinking about how today was going to go. (I do my best thinking while soaking in the tub). I had all of the kids' stuff laid out on the couch and Scott and I were trying to decide how we were going to hide the Easter eggs. He wanted to hide them while the kids were in Sunday School, but we got a postcard in the mail this past week notifying everyone that there would be no Sunday School today. what? I thought maybe it would be a good idea to hide them last night before going to bed since the temperature wasn't going to be cold enough to freeze the eggs. Peter "Scott"ontale wasn't too fond of going outside last night at midnight to hide Easter eggs. And, it's kind of hard to hide eggs when you still have 4 feet of snow in the front yard! Needless to say, the kids found them all pretty fast as they were all laying in the driveway, on the steps and on Scott's truck. LOL! I was glad to have that all done before we went to church.

It takes so much longer to upload picture to my blog than it does to Facebook, so I only picked a few to put on my blog. If you want to check out the others, you'll have to do that on Facebook.

Even though I was told I must have been confused as to what holiday it was, Christmas or Easter, I didn't think I did too awfully bad. This is what the Easter Bunny left for the kids. Basically, besides the candy, they each got an Easter outfit, spring pajamas, a Webkinz and a DVD. Since Emma's DVD came with the movie and also the book on CD, I figured Gage would get upset so I found him a cheap DS game at Walmart "The Best Tests on DS". He was griping the other day that the only games I ever buy are ones that teach him things. I was waiting for him to notice the connection between the types of games I always buy and the one the Easter Bunny left. I suppose one day he'll thank me for that. I hope I'm still alive when he decides to.

Emma's Easter basket with goodies. I never buy real Easter baskets. I almost always buy some sort of container that can be used for storage or organizing in the kids' rooms. This year is it was DVD storage containers. I'm hoping to use these on our long trips to Iowa to keep all of their DVD's and personal belongings organized in the car. (I know, wishful thinking!)

Gage checking out his Easter goodies.

Hunting Easter eggs in 4 feet of snow in the front yard!

Emma's new Easter outfit. I had her all fixed up and when she went and looked in the mirror she got ticked off because she didn't like how I fixed her hair and she didn't like her pantyhose. Blah blah blah!

They are growing up way too fast!

I decided to take their picture at church inside the front door in front of this picture of one of the stained glass windows in the church. It will be a great picture for their scrapbooks.

I always try to get some sort of family photo taken on Easter. Credit goes to Juanita this year. It worked out much better than setting the timer and running to the couch and diving into my spot between Scott and the kids! One bad thing about taking a family picture on Easter each year is that I seem to have the same clothes on, or variations of the same outfits. This is exactly what I wore last Easter. Oh well!
Scott and I were signed up to be greeters/ushers at church today. I don't think I've ever seen the church as full as it was today. Since we only have one service now, the congregation isn't split up into 2 different groups. The balcony was jam packed, which is where we always sit. Thankfully we had our own assigned seats, being the ushers in the balcony. It was also good that Gage and Emma were able to help us pass the offering plates. It usually isn't too difficult to do in the balcony because there aren't always that many people, but that wasn't the case today. Scott and I need lessons in how to pass the offering plates through the pews so they don't meet up in the middle of the same row! LOL!
We went out for a drive this afternoon to look at all the water flooded along the highway to Menoken. Actually, the reason we went is because it was reported to Scott that there were boatloads of ducks on these flooded areas. There were quite a few ducks, thousands of snow geese and we saw a flock of sandhill cranes. Scott is already drooling and looking forward to the fall hunting season.
Speaking of hunting seasons, Scott is taking Gage turkey hunting this coming weekend. They are going with our friends Steve Adair and I believe Ellie is going as well. Scott will be taking Gage out of school early on Thursday (2pm) and he will miss Friday as well. I am not in favor of this and told Scott it was up to him to get all of Gage's homework assignments from his teacher and they have to be completed BEFORE he goes. I am not dealing with it because of the huge fit he threw after being sick with strep throat for 3 days. We'll see how much work this turns out to be!

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