Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have got to stay off of Facebook! It is addicting and it's scary how much time a person can spend messing around with it. My blog is suffering because of it!

The kids were excited to ride their bikes to school for the first time today. It was nice temperature-wise, but boy was it ever windy! When I was out and about earlier today, there was so much dust blowing that it almost looked like it could turn into a dust-blizzard! It also made my teeth hurt when it was hitting my car because it sounded kind of like scratching a chalkboard with your fingernails!

Gage brought home his homework today for the time he is going to miss tomorrow afternoon and Friday. I think he even finished it and I didn't hear any screaming and hollering! I think Scott was surprised that he didn't know how to do math "the new way". Don't feel bad hon, I can't do it either! It's not good when you can't even help your 2nd grader with his math homework!

I'm not sure what Emma and I will do while the boys are gone. I'm sure she'll be begging to do something though, like go to the movies or something similar. I know there's a Hannah Montana movie out but I don't know if it is 6-year-old appropriate?

I get to work with Juanita tomorrow afternoon at Corpus Christi. :-) Jan has meetings all afternoon, so I am glad I get to come in and help out. I like getting a little bit of something for a paycheck every 2 weeks, even if it is for just a few hours!

I need to call it a night. I spent too much time harvesting Kysa's crops for not enough money to fence in my animals! Stupid Facebook!

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