Monday, April 20, 2009

Painted Wolf Ceremony

Tonight's Pack meeting was a special ceremony, called the Painted Wolf Ceremony. Gage and his den advanced from the Wolf den, into a Bear den. We are very proud of Gage and all of the things he has done to earn this award.

Den 6 (Gage's den) was in charge of the flag ceremony. They are advancing the colors.

"I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America......."

The Painted Wolf Ceremony requires Akela to paint the sign of the Wolf on the Scout's face.

The black on the chin stands for happiness from your days as a Tiger Cub.

The red on your forehead is for bravery when you become a Bear.

The yellow across your nose is for sunlight along the Wolf trail.

This is one proud Dad!

Akela gives Gage his Wolf badge. The instructions were to pin the badge in it's place, upside-down. The badge is not to be turned right-side up until the Scout does one good deed for someone without being told or asked. Gage did not like having his badge upside-down and was acting mad about it. On our way home, he came running up to me to tell me that he held the door open for people coming out of the school and said that he could turn his badge around the right way. LOL!

Dad places Gage's new Bear Scout neckerchief and slide around Gage's neck.

Gage displaying the sign of the Wolf. He is now on the trail to become a Bear.

Den 6 has grown by 3 Scouts. There were 2 Wolf dens but the other leader and his Scout quit, leaving 3 Scouts hanging without a leader, so they joined our den. We now have 8 boys in our den and I think it's going to be twice as wild! It's also going to be twice as hard for me to keep up with everything! I don't know if these other 3's parents realize how anal I am? LOL!
I think the boys really enjoyed the ceremony tonight. Our new Cubmaster is doing a great job already and I think this will help encourage the boys to stick with it and also entice more to join.

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