Friday, May 29, 2009


I woke up before Emma today if you can believe that! Apparently Gage didn't get her up like he has been all week to play computer games with him while Mom was still in bed! LOL!

We ate a late breakfast. Emma wanted pancakes, so we had those. I thought that maybe if I could hold them off of eating breakfast until 10 or so, I could feed them brunch and then not have to fix anything until suppertime? I'm not sure that's going to work. I just hate trying to come up with things to fix. I loved not having to fix lunch while they were at school. We went to the zoo around lunchtime and spent most of the afternoon there. We were there for at least 3 hours. We have never been there that long before. The weather was beautiful. Not too hot, not too cold. JUST RIGHT! The kids were great and we had such a nice time. They had a special thing at the zoo today for College Savings. Governor Hoeven has declared 5/29 as North Dakota's official College Savings day. LOL! We have our 529 plans for the kids with College Savings Iowa, but I think we're going to try to move them into North Dakota now that they have similar options available. Plus we can get some tax deductions having it in-state. I took tons of pictures at the zoo and have them all posted on Facebook. I'm not going to take the time to upload them onto my blog. It takes 100 times longer to do it on blogger than it does on Facebook. They were having free hotdogs from 4-6p at the zoo but we couldn't stick around that long. Around 3:15 the kids started smelling the hotdogs they had cooking and started to get really hungry since they hadn't eaten anything (except cotton candy) since 10a. It was unanimous that we couldn't wait until 4p for hotdogs so we left and got our own at the grocery store. It was at least a little more healthy since I bought wheat buns instead of the white that they would have gotten at the zoo. LOL. We didn't win the $529 dollars they were giving away to put into a college savings plan. :-( Maybe next year?

We had supper at 4:30 since the kids were so hungry and I thought that would work out well since Gage had a baseball game tonight. Or at least I THOUGHT he had a baseball game tonight. We started getting ready and headed to the baseball field around 7 for the 7:30 game. When we got there I didn't see any kids in purple, which is Gage's team color. We were just a little early, so we pulled into the parking lot to sit awhile and wait for people to show up. No one was showing up. All of the people on the diamond were adults and I started getting nervous thinking it was probably at the other field. I actually did have my cell phone with me, but only 1 number stored in it that was going to do any good as far as finding out where the baseball game was and he didn't answer. I hate the stupid cell phone anyway. When I really need it I either don't have it with me, or I don't have the number I need anyway. Around 7:20 I decided we better head to the other field if we were going to make it on time. Thankfully it's in the same area so it wasn't too far away. No one was there either. CRAP! I told the kids it would be a good idea to keep their schedules in the car from now on! They agreed! We got home and I looked on my planner and it said 7:30 at Solheim, which is where we were. So I had to get the hard copy out and discovered the game was LAST NIGHT! DAMN! I called the coach up to tell him about my stupid mistake. He was out fishing so I talked to his wife. She was as nice as can be. I went through and double checked all the rest of my dates to make sure I didn't screw up again. We should be good to go now. AND, I have the hard copies in the car so I'll always know where we're supposed to go. I just felt terrible. Gage didn't seem to be too upset; however, when Scott got home from his Duck Factory thing, that was the first thing he told him. LOL! We had such a good day today that I thought missing Gage's game by 24 hours was a rotten way to end it!

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