Monday, May 25, 2009

Quiet Graduation weekend is over

We had a nice and quiet weekend. I was secretly hoping my Mom and Dad would show up on the front doorstep, but it didn't happen. They mentioned doing that a little while back and thought maybe with the long holiday weekend, they would surprise us. Maybe next time?

I took Gage to the walk-in clinic yesterday. The doctor took one look at his enlarged, pussy tonsils and said she didn't think she needed to do a strep test, because she was pretty sure that's what he had. She said they test for one type of strep, so if that came up negative, it is still possible to have another type of strep and she wanted to get him started on some antibiotics. He took a loading dose yesterday and will take half that amount for the remainder of the 4 days. He's already feeling better. I can tell because he's fighting with his sister. This morning they were downstairs on the couch watching Bolt, a movie we rented from the video store, and they were laughing and laughing. That was so nice to hear. By the end of the day, they were fighting and fighting. Back to the old drawing board!

We went to a graduation reception today at our neighbors' house. They had their open house from 10a-1p. They served a brunch and it was such an awesome idea, I hope that I can remember it in 9-12 years when my kids are graduating from high school. They had ziploc freezer bags with either 2 or 3 beaten eggs in it. Then you were to add whatever fixings you wanted to make an omelet. They had diced ham into really small cubes, frozen hashbrowns, cheese, diced red, green and yellow bell peppers and diced onions. After you added your extras you were to take your baggie out to the guys who were making the omelets. They were using turkey fryers but with boiling water instead of oil. After the air was squeezed out of the baggie, they dropped it into the boiling water and in about 5 minutes or so, your omelet was cooked and ready to be emptied out onto your plate. Then they had watermelon and tiny little cinnamon rolls that they kept warm in a crockpot. Oh, and they had orange juice. One pitcher was spiked, the other was plain. What a GREAT idea! They go camping quite a bit and they make omelets like this all of the time. One tip they mentioned is to ALWAYS use a freezer bag, because the other ziplocs will break open and then you will have egg soup on your hands. :-) I guess the reason I'm writing this is so that I will have it in writing and hopefully can remember to do this.

Tomorrow both of the kids have baseball practice, so we'll be getting back into the swing of things with everyone on the mend.

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