Thursday, May 7, 2009

Working tomorrow

I get to work in the library tomorrow for Juanita and am excited about it. It would be more fun if both Juanita and Jan were there though. Next week I may possibly be working at the LMO (Library Media Office) for another gal who could get called in for Jury Duty. I went down there the other day to meet the ladies and see what it is I would be doing. I think I can handle most of it, but the part that I'm a little scared of is answering the phone. That's a tough job to do when you don't know what's going on and who people are. I may end up being more of a hindrance than help! Maybe I'll get lucky and the phone won't ring..............or maybe she won't be called to sit on the jury.

It was a beautiful day out. The kids played outside most of the afternoon. At lunch time I was standing at the kitchen sink and saw a line of kids walking up the sidewalk on the other side of the street and then spotted Emma in the group. I ran to the front door to tell her hi. Scott was home for lunch at the time so she was excited to see us waving at her. Her "Phy Ed" class was taking a walk since the church was having a funeral today. It's fun to see her doing things like that. She's getting to be such a big girl!

Speaking of big girl, her ears are doing great. She is actually the one reminding me that her ears need to be cleaned. She tries to do it herself, but she basically just gets the front of her earring clean, instead of the actual hole, so I help.

Only 2 more weeks of school left! Gage was very excited yesterday after school because they have been incubating eggs in all of the 2nd grade classrooms (they do it every year as part of the curriculum) and one of the chicks hatched. This morning we went to school early so we could get some books from the book fair and asked Gage if he could take us to his classroom and show us the chicks. He was QUITE SURPRISED when we looked in the incubator and 6 more had hatched overnight! There was one that had broken a hole in the shell and was still working on getting out. He said it was still working on it today after school. I'm going to try to go in tomorrow and take some pictures for his scrapbook. If I can get some good ones, I'll share them with you all too.

Scott went fishing after lunch today and just got home a little while ago. He caught a great big walleye. I think he said it was 20 inches. I wasn't impressed when I went upstairs to see it because I then learned he planned to clean the stupid thing in the kitchen sink. UGH! You are supposed to do that OUTSIDE! I hope he cleaned the mess up, because I had just cleaned up the kitchen yesterday and have been working hard to keep it that way.

I need to get going so I can get some rest before a long day at school tomorrow. :-)

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