Monday, May 4, 2009


I'm feeling a bit blue today. Not sure if it's the weather or my kids. Maybe it's both? Today I went about my day, did all of the laundry, washed sheets and made beds. I was feeling good about accomplishing those things. At 3p when I went to pick up the kids from school it was raining. They rode their bikes this morning, so I had to walk to pick them up. The first thing Gage said to me when he saw me was, "Can I get my hair dyed green today?" I told Gage that we could make an appointment. He immediately got angry and was just totally pissed off. Since we were still on the school grounds and the principal was standing right there, I had no choice except to tell Gage we needed to go home and started walking away. He pushed his bike along side me and continued to be upset and pout. I told him he had to have an appointment because when we checked the last time, they said they would need time to get the green dye in. Apparently no one keeps green hair dye on hand? I wonder why???? Finally, it came out. Gage said, "Mom! Alexandra got her hair dyed red and I'm jealous! I want to get it dyed TODAY!" AAARGH! What a nice start to our afternoon. We picked Emma up and had to bring another girl home with us today because her parents needed help getting her picked up due to meetings, etc. The argument continued ALL the way home. Finally, by the time we got to the house I was just about to blow up. We got inside and I told Gage that I thought it would be a good idea if he went to his room and he yells, "NO, I WILL NOT GO TO MY ROOM!" OMG! What do I do? I can tell you what I wanted to do, but that wouldn't be the best way to handle it. Gage is big enough now that I can't carry him down to his room when he's kicking and thrashing about. Finally, after he saw I meant business, he went to his room for awhile. That is always what he get away and have some quiet time and think about his behavior. A little later, while I was sitting on the couch folding clothes, he came back upstairs and apologized and asked me if I could make an appointment to get his hair dyed. I couldn't help it when the tears started rolling. Why couldn't he have said it like that to begin with? I told him that my heart was hurting and that it really hurt my feelings the way he talked to me and treated me on our walk home and that he was going to have to talk to Dad about all of this because I wasn't going to have anything to do with it from this point forward. He felt bad and was telling me that he's been wanting his hair dyed for a long time and his friend came to school with her hair dyed and it made him jealous and said it just made his stomach hurt. He said he didn't even want to look at her because of the way it made him feel. Geez! I don't know what to do about that? Any suggestions? He hasn't even mentioned it since the day we stopped to have it done only to find out that we would have to make an appointment because they don't keep green hair dye on hand, and now someone else has it and he needs to have it RIGHT NOW! UGH!

Okay, I've ranted quite enough for today. Just feeling a bit blue and I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow.

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