Sunday, May 3, 2009

Big Day for Emma

I know, I know! I said Emma wasn't going to get her ears pierced. Well, she got her ears pierced. Today. Apparently somewhere along the lines, Scott misunderstood me saying Emma is NOT getting her ears pierced, and he told her last night that she could get them pierced today. Great. So Scott told her she could and now I'm the bad guy. I don't really care about "good guy/bad guy" status, but I honestly didn't think I could take another day of CONSTANT begging to get her ears pierced. So, after her soccer game, we went to Claire's to get her ears pierced. She was SO EXCITED!

I asked the gal working if she could please give Emma the spiel about how to take care of them, etc. etc. It means more coming from someone other than Mom. You know, Mom's don't know anything............................yes, I will admit that I thought that at one time too, but come on, can't we break that cycle somewhere? I know now that my Mom is very smart and self-educated, according to my Dad. :-) Love ya Mom!

Emma gets to hold Claire the Bear while set-up is taking place. Unfortunately today there was only one gal working, which meant that Emma would not be able to get her ears pierced simulaneously. I thought maybe that would be good, actually, so she knows that it is really important to take care of them because an infection would be SO MUCH WORSE!

Dad signing his life away so that Emma can get her ears pierced. Her "Free" ear piercing cost $39. Hmmm.................false advertising? We had to buy the earrings, you know!

You can see here that Emma doesn't have the most pleasant look on her face. This is actually a picture of her 2nd ear getting pierced because I took video of the first one. I have been trying to get the video uploaded onto my blog but I have gotten error messages. I will try one more time before I log off, but if it doesn't work, I did get it uploaded onto Facebook, so you can check it out there.

I must admit that Emma looks pretty darned cute with her ears pierced. However, she looked pretty darned cute before they were pierced too! Please God, just let her be satisfied with her ears and not ask me to have any other body parts pierced.

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