Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Dr.'s

My favorite daytime television show is called "The Dr.'s". Actually, it's the only show I watch on television during the day. I can't wait until tomorrow's episode. The entire show tomorrow is about Kayleigh Anne Freeman. I have been reading this blog about Kayleigh for quite some time. I've been so faithful about reading it over the last year that I almost feel as if I know these people. When I saw the advertisements, it didn't dawn on me that it was this family until it was over. Anyway, I just learned today that Kayleigh lost her battle and has gone to be with the Lord, but at the time of the taping, this hadn't happened yet. The family has accumulated over $2,000,000 in hospital bill debt, and it just makes me so sad to know that they have all of this debt and no longer have their precious little girl to show for it. I can't tell for sure by the advertisements, but it appears as if the family may be receiving quite a gift on the show tomorrow. I'm certainly going to have to have my box of Kleenex ready. If you can, you should tune in and watch it.

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