Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a day!

This morning after I dropped the kids off at school I went down to the library to help do inventory. The library is in the process of being rearranged for a remodel and boy what a mess! I know all about the need to mess up before you can clean up, so I felt right at home. I can't remember exactly how many books are in the library............I'm thinking it is around 70,000 or so, and I'll bet that I had my hands on at least half of them today. It was a busy day in the library and I was there from 8:30-3p, so it was a long one. I enjoyed lunch with Jan and Juanita at the China Garden as well..................my favorite place to eat!

We had t-ball and baseball practice tonight for Emma and Gage. Scott went one direction and I went the other. Emma is so cute out there on the ball field. Before practice started the kids were playing a little scrimmage and one of the parents was pitching to them. When it was Emma's turn to bat I wasn't sure how that was going to go. She hasn't totally figured it out yet and I almost fell over when she swung at, AND HIT, the first pitch thrown! It was a nice hit to shortstop too!

Not long after we got home from baseball, while I was catching a few minutes of Dancing with the Stars, I noticed Brie was acting weird. I thought she was about to puke so I had Scott take her outside. When they came back in Scott said he wasn't sure what was wrong, but something weird was going on. We sat and watched her for awhile and she was having some weird, jerky, seizure-like movements. She was getting anxious and panting as well. She would stand up, jerk a little and then side-step to the right and kind of fall over. After about 15 minutes of this I called the vet. We had just increased her medication about 5 days ago that she takes for urinary incontinence and probably a week and a half ago she had her first heartworm pill of the season. The vet said to stop giving her the Proin (for incontinence) for now and to try to keep her quiet and see how she does, and she didn't think it could be the heartworm medicine since it was that long ago that we had given it to her. She said if she was still doing this tomorrow, that we should probably bring her in, but that if she got worse, to give her another call. An hour later, around 9:30p, this was still going on after sitting with her on the floor trying to keep her quiet. I hate when stuff happens at bad times of the day when you have to call someone in. We called her back to let her know that it was still going on and some of the fits were fairly long in duration. She said that if they were getting longer, that she should probably take a look at her tonight to make sure nothing serious was going on. Scott took her in a little before 10. When he got home he said that of course she stopped doing it when he got there so the vet didn't witness anything. Why does that always happen? Anyway, after examining her, the only thing she could determine was there being a little lump on her head by her ear and thought maybe she got stung by a bee or bitten by a spider and was having an allergic reaction. She said they weren't seizures if she wasn't losing consciousness. Brie got a big shot of Benadryl for $180! And I thought that was just a bump of knowledge.............NOT! Well, at least she'll sleep good tonight!

I'm glad the day is over and am ready to rest up for another busy day. The Northridge PTO is sponsoring Mini-Olympic day tomorrow at school and there will be several inflatables set up at both Northridge and Corpus Christi. I volunteered to help out so will end up being at the school all day again tomorrow. Emma is so excited she can hardly stand it!

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