Friday, May 22, 2009

No more teachers, no more books..............

I guess I should have shut my eyes last night when I woke up to discover it was 10pm. I got up to make sure the kids were in their beds and to let Brie out one last time and to blog. I must have gotten my second wind because when I went back to bed I tossed and turned until about 2am. After I finally fell asleep, Gage came to my room around 3am, crying, telling me his throat hurt. Poor guy. I gave him some Motrin which seemed to get him through the rest of the night fine. He asked for more Motrin before we left for school because he wanted to be sure and feel good for the last day. I couldn't let him miss out on the last day of school. They had plans to go on a picnic to end their week at "Camp Skeeter". The entire 2nd grade walked to the McQuade Softball Complex where they had set up several different stations of activities. There were many parent volunteers there helping to run the stations and Scott was signed up to help at the freeze tag station. I just went along to take some pictures. It started sprinkling before we were done with the first session and the next station Gage's class was at was the playground equipment and following that was lunch. It came down pretty good during lunch and it was decided after that that they should walk back to the school because it wasn't safe to play in the rain. There was no thunder or lightning, so I'm not sure what the big deal was. I suppose if someone slipped and got hurt on the wet grass, someone could be held liable? Who knows? It was fine with me though because I just went back to the library to help the ladies there finish things up. Around 1:30 or so Gage's teacher called down to the library to tell me he wasn't feeling well. I went to the classroom to get him and he said he didn't want to miss the flag ceremony at 2:40, so I just took him back down to the library with me where he sat in one of the rocker chairs and watched television. After a dose of Motrin, he said he was feeling a little better and wanted to go back to his classroom. It's amazing what a little medicine can do for a person when they aren't feeling well. I don't know if we have another bout of strep throat in the works or not? I sure hope not! One of the other Mom's of one of Gage's classmates said they have been dealing with strep, so it is a possibility. He really needs to have his tonsils removed and we may need to check into that pretty soon.

When we got home from school Scott had the car packed all ready to go to Tuttle and was sad to find out Gage wasn't feeling well. We decided to stay home and hopefully he'll get to feeling better. It's always better to sleep in your own bed when you aren't feeling well. We may go up just for the day tomorrow to get the yard mowed. We'll see how Gage is feeling in the morning.

It's really hard to believe that today was the last day of 2nd grade for Gage and Kindergarten for Emma! I remember learning how to multiply in 3rd grade, and it's hard to believe Gage is that age already. We have 2 weeks off before Camp Edventure starts up. I know they will be ready for that to start up because I'm very sure they will already be completely bored by that time. It sounds like it is going to be a fun summer curriculum and it will be a good way for Emma to meet some of the 1st grade teachers and get comfortable with Northridge before the start of school in the fall.

I'm so hoping to get to sleep in tomorrow morning. I think 10am sounds like a great waking hour. :-)

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