Friday, May 15, 2009

Girls' Night Friday

Scott took off work early to come home and get Gage so they could go to Tuttle and fish this weekend. There's another guy and his son there too. So, Emma and I had the evening to ourselves. She voted to go eat at Subway and since I needed to run to Walmart for a couple of things, Subway was a convenient choice. I was SO PROUD of Emma. She didn't beg me for anything at all! On our way out of the store I said, "Emma, I am so proud of you for not begging for anything or throwing a fit!" She said, "Well, I really wanted one of those bouncy balls but I knew you would say no, so I didn't ask." I thanked her and again told her I was very happy with her behavior and as we continued to walk to the car, an older lady overheard us and she told Emma that she did a great job!! I think Emma really liked that she said that to her. :-) We had to stop at Hobby Lobby next and Emma showed me one thing she really liked, but put it away when I told her she couldn't have it. On our way out of the store Emma said, "I did a good job not begging for things in there, didn't I!?" YES EMMA! You did a GREAT JOB! It was actually an enjoyable outing with her! She is also ASLEEP and didn't get out of her bed one time to tell me anything! I better take her temperature in the morning to make sure she's not sick! :-)

Emma has a soccer jamboree in the morning, her last games of this short spring season. I'm not upset at all that the season was cut short due to the snow and flooding we had earlier this spring. I'm hoping the wind will die down a bit so it won't be so stinking cold in the morning. I think we're supposed to have some nice weather for the weekend. Scott and Gage will actually get home later tomorrow, so they won't be gone the whole weekend.

I worked in the cafeteria at Corpus Christi again today. They were wild today. I think they must be getting antsy for the school year to be over. Only 5 more days. It was funny, one of the little boys asked me to come over to him so he could ask me a question...........................(oops! I spoke too soon on Emma. She is NOT asleep! UGH).............................and he said something but I couldn't hear him so I asked him 2 times what he said and then I about fell over when I finally understood what he said. He asked, "Is bitch a bad word?" YIKES! "YES!" I told him. I think he overheard someone else at the table say that because the ladies in the lunchroom said he's always a very sweet boy. You gotta love the things kids learn from their peers at school!

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