Saturday, May 23, 2009

Prayers requested

I think my throat is now feeling a bit scratchy. UGH! I pray that this isn't another bout of strep throat. I think I'd almost rather walk on nails versus swallow them!

Gage is still not feeling well today. He's pretty much been on the couch all day and he's not lasting the full 6 hours between Motrin doses. Scott picked up some chewable Tylenol for him so we can alternate that between the Motrin.

I'm asking everyone to please pray for my dear friend, Emily, and her family. Luke nearly drowned today in a swimming pool at a birthday party. He is doing okay THANK GOD! I just talked to Emily and she is doing good and Lukey is talking and fully aware of what is going on. They are keeping him in the hospital overnight for observation and to check for any organ damage. They are pretty confident that there is no brain damage. THANK GOD for the man who jumped in and pulled Lukey off the bottom of the pool. THANK GOD for the nurses who performed CPR. THANK GOD for the ambulance crew. THANK GOD for the doctors and nurses caring for him at the hospital. THANK GOD for Emily and Jody for being so strong through all of this. We love you guys!

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