Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Going Green

I'll bet that you're thinking this post is going to be about "saving the planet" or maybe even recycling. Guess again.

Here is the "Before" shot of Gage "going green".

Gage talking it over with our hairdresser, Pam.

We're at the point of no return!

Gage thought that this was pretty cool. I think he's pretending he's going to be an astronaut!

Fifteen minutes under the hairdryer wasn't quite as exciting as he thought it might be!

Time to wash so we can see what happened! I think Pam will be sporting green fingers for awhile!'s actually a pretty color of green; however it would look better in our yard!

Gage and Emma look like Christmas together with their red and green hair! It was actually feeling a little like Christmas this evening when it started SNOWING!
I should have taken a front picture as well, but for whatever reason, I didn't even think of it. LOL! I'll get one tomorrow. I told Pam to be ready for a run of appointments with kids wanting their hair dyed green.
By the doesn't wash out.

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Sherry said...

Hi Stacy,
So glad you went with highlights and not a full head of green! Maybe now you won't have to hear about it anymore now that it is DONE! Thanks for that cute "news story" email. I especially loved the end part where studies show a ponytail does not equal shower!lol
Bye, Sherry
PS - lets get together with the kids after school is out.