Thursday, May 28, 2009

May is almost over

I can't believe that May is almost over and that the year is close to being half over! Where does the time go?

No syrup spills this morning. That is a much more pleasant way to start the day, syrup-free.

Not too much happened today. I finally got my hair CHOPPED off! I don't know why I go through these spurts of trying to grow it out. It gets to a certain point to where I can't stand it anymore. I think this is about the longest it's been for about 12 or so years. Maybe more than that? I decided to try and wear the kids out so we rode our bikes to get my hair cut. They were pooped by the time we got home. It was much easier going there because it was mostly downhill, so they got their workout on the ride home. They fought the whole way home too, which takes great talent when you're biking in single file.

We are headed to the zoo tomorrow. They are having some special Upromise prize drawing. The date, 5/29, is significant. Our Upromise savings goes into 529 accounts. They are having a drawing for $529 dollars, and if won it will be added to any college savings account. I hope we win. I don't know how many people know about, or participate in Upromise here. When I mention it to people, I always have to tell them what it is. Our odds could be favorable. We'll see.

Scott is busy with "The Duck Factory" throughout the weekend. I have no idea what that really is, except that there are a bunch of people here, major donors I think, that will get toured around and learn about ducks and the role North Dakota plays in their numbers. He has been quite busy the past few days preparing for it. Today when they were searching for nests, he accidentally ran over one. Emma asked Scott how he knew he ran over it and he said, "Well, when the hen flew out from under the ATV, that gave me a pretty good clue!" LOL! Since the hen wasn't killed, she will more than likely lay another nest full of eggs.

We have a baseball game tomorrow night and both Gage and Emma play on Sunday night, at the same time at different fields. I guess we'll have to split up. Thankfully Scott will be done with all of the DU stuff on Sunday so he can help me out. It will be Emma's first game of the season, so I'm hoping I can go with her to see her play for the first time ever. She had mentioned the other day wanting Scott to go with her. They typically choose their Dad to do those things with them because he's not around quite as much as Mom is. Hopefully I can change her mind. :-)

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