Friday, May 1, 2009

The thrill of a lifetime, on May Day

Last week Gage brought home a birthday party invitation from his friend, Tyson. I can't even tell you how many birthday parties these two kids have been to in the last few months, but it's been ALOT! Gage was pretty excited about Tyson's party. They were going to celebrate at Space Aliens. The kids always love going to Space Aliens. In the invitation, it said that she would be taking the boys with her after school to Space Aliens and then parents were to come pick their children up at 6p. This was going to work out good for me, because I had signed up to help set up the book fair that will be taking place at school this week, so I was going to be doing that right after school. I asked Toby how she was going to take all the boys in her small car and she swore me to secrecy, and told me that she was renting a limousine to take the boys to Space Aliens. OMG! I have never even been in a limo! I knew the boys were just going to freak out when they found this out.

I knew that this limo was going to be a HUGE issue with Emma. She would be with me helping to set up the book fair, so I knew it was going to be nearly impossible to keep this secret from her. I also wanted to get pictures of Gage getting into the limo, because it will be a LONG time before he ever gets to ride in one again! When Emma and I got to the school I was so upset because I saw the limo parked and kids were already getting into it. I thought I missed it, until I discovered it was 6th grade girls getting into this limo. What are the chances of 2 limos arriving at Northridge to pick up different bunches of kids? I was relieved when I discovered that and quickly took Emma into the school and down to the library. The book fair was being set up in the front lobby of the school, but I needed to get Emma completely out of the area to prevent the big blow up. Juanita, thankfully, agreed to watch Emma in the library for me while I ran back upstairs to get ready for pictures. The boys were gathered up in the lobby and Toby was with them and had them all ready to follow her outside. When we got outside and rounded the corner, they saw the limo parked on the other side of the street and they were saying things like, "Oh wow! A limo! I wonder what famous person is here!" They were just chatting like crazy as we crossed the crosswalk and turned in the direction of the car. Tyson was joking and told the boys they were riding in the limo, because he had no clue at the time. As we walked up to it and Toby opened up the door, they totally flipped out!

Here is the limo waiting for the boys to come out of the school.

They were all smiles when they learned that they were the ones who were going to ride in it!

You can totally see that Gage is grinning from ear to ear in this picture. He is having the thrill of a lifetime on this May Day!

They were so excited. They were checking out the television and all the luxuries that were there.

There they go! They were going to drive to Mandan to pick up another party goer and then drive from there to Space Aliens, so they actually got to ride in it for a good amount of time. I'm sure they were most thrilled about not having to be seatbelted in! Apparently the driver had a lead foot; however, and had some hard starts and stops that sent Gage over the edge of the seat. They had a great time and I was excited for them.
Emma was completely oblivious to the whole ordeal and I was so thankful. Thanks Juanita for helping me out! You saved me and prevented Emma from making a huge scene in front of everyone at the school! THANKS!
Emma and I proceeded to help set up the book fair and then walked home around 4:15 or 4:30. She was excited because we each got to take a free book for helping. She picked a diary with a lock and keys. Why am I not surprised?
As we were walking home Emma kept saying there would probably be May baskets on our doorstep. I kept thinking to myself, "Ah! Darn it! I should have done that for her as a surprise!" and then tried telling her that I doubted there would be any, trying to make her not feel bad when she saw there were no baskets. As we passed the big pine tree on our sidewalk, I was shocked to see that there WERE 2 May baskets sitting on our front step. I have no idea who left them, but if whoever did it, reads my blog, THANK YOU! Emma was thrilled to death. We proceeded to go inside and make some baskets for the neighbors. I figured that's who left the baskets, but after Hallie came over, rang the doorbell, and then ran, I decided it probably wasn't them, unless they were from Erik? Hallie left a cute note for Emma in her little Dixie cup that said, "O.K. Emma here is your May basket now come out and chase me - Hallie." LOL! Emma did go out to chase her and the friends that were at her house. She finally came back inside to finish the ones she was making and that kept her distracted from the fact that Gage was at Space Aliens. It worked out well.
Happy May Day everyone!

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