Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We were so lucky to receive a big box of red delicious apples, freshly picked from the tree by my Dad. Mom and Dad had asked a few times about when Scott's parents were coming to visit because they wanted to be sure to get them a box of apples to bring to us. Thank you Mom and Dad for the apples! They are delicious, just as the name implies. I will never eat another red delicious apple from the grocery store because they don't even compare to these crispy, sweet, juicy pieces of heaven! I hate mushy apples and 9 times out of 10, that's what I get from the store when I buy red delicious.

Take a look at these beautiful things! Apparently Mom's apple tree was loaded this year. The kids and I have been eating them like there's no tomorrow. Gage has taken one to school the past 2 days for snack time and he also took one to his teacher, and his teacher from last year. Emma also took an apple to her teacher. We've had them for breakfast and for snacks at home as well. If only we could have a continous supply of these babies all year long!

Emma enjoying her "forbidden fruit".

If only I could eat one without having to cut it up first! I tried the other day, but it hurt my teeth because of my braces. And since I have an appointment at the orthodontist tomorrow, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to mess things up!
I have been especially tired today. I told myself yesterday that I was going to go to bed at a decent time last night, because I was tired yesterday as well. I decided, since Scott wasn't home, at 9:30 last night it would be a good time to put in the Netflix DVD I had just received, P.S. I Love You. Emily recommended it to me. Thankfully, this time I had been warned that it was a tear-jerker. Not that being warned mattered. I still cried. I didn't get to bed until around midnight and I am paying for it today. I suppose, since it is now 10pm, I should end this post, watch the news and then go straight to bed! (Yeah, right, like that ever happens!)