Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Under the weather

Now I know why I have been so tired the past couple of days! Apparently I was working on getting a cold. I woke up this morning with a dry mouth, a bit of a sore throat and a stuffed up head. UGH! I ended up having to cancel my Biolife appointment because you aren't supposed to go unless you are feeling "well and healthy". I didn't do a whole lot today because I just haven't felt great. I did have to go to Dr. Warford's office for an appointment though. I got some good news! I get to have my braces removed next month if all goes well! WOO HOO! He said I was looking almost perfect (he said he hoped my husband wouldn't get mad at him for saying that! LOL). I don't think Scott will be mad about that! I have to wear a rubber band on the right connecting an upper molar to a lower molar as much as I can, then I go in the end of October to make sure there isn't any more tweaking that needs to be done, then Nov. 19 I'm scheduled to get these puppies taken off! Just in time for Thanksgiving! :-) If it had been in time for sweet corn season, that would have been way better, but I can stand 6 more weeks. He said that he rarely gets this "nearly perfect" with a starting point like mine, AND not having to have surgery to boot! He said I wouldn't have gotten these good of results with the surgery. It also helps that I do what they tell me to, unlike a lot of their younger clients.

I doubt those apples from Mom and Dad will last another 6 weeks. Darn it!

Scott invited me to eat lunch out with him today, so I did leave the house for that. I then had to make a trip to Urban Girl to get some beads I needed to complete the 2 bracelet orders I have needed to get done. I was waiting on wrist measurements, and now I can get them done and mailed out.

Even though I did get to bed around 10:30 last night, I wasn't able to fall asleep for about an hour. Tonight I think my old friend, NyQuil, will have to help me out. I can always get to sleep fairly easy when I need to take some NyQuil. However, there's a window of time that I have to take it, otherwise I feel too tired and groggy the next day. I'm going to go do that now. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and have something more to talk about!

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Emily Jennings said...

Well you are due to get your braces off when I'm due to deliver this baby! That's pretty funny. And just about as exciting. I still remember getting my braces off and that wonderful slimy feeling of my own teeth. Kind of like NOT being pregnant anymore!

Let's race and see who wins!