Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today I was fingerprinted. No, I have not been convicted of any felonies!! :-) This morning when I went into the library to do some volunteer reshelving of books, the librarian asked me if I would be interested in being a subtitute library aide. Like, do what I'm doing and get paid for it! Well, it would actually be more than just reshelving books. I would get to check books out, check them in, etc. I got a little bit of computer training when I was in this morning and then after I left, I went to the Public School Administration office to get an application to fill out. I then had to go down to the police station and get fingerprinted. Let me tell you, that guy there was a whack job! I think he needs to get out of his office a little more often! Anyway, they will be doing a criminal background check on me and once they figure out I'm clean, I should get to start working when they need me to. If I can, I may get to start by working a couple of days next week! When the kids started school in August, I was seriously thinking I needed to get a job at the school somehow. It will be great to just fill in when they need me and I won't ever have to worry about what to do with the kids, because when they are off, I will be too. Maybe I can work my way up to the school nurse position? It always helps to get your foot in the door. I am pretty excited and can't wait to get on the payroll!

The weather has been beautiful the past few days and it is supposed to be nice again tomorrow. I'm glad about that since we'll be out in it trick-or-treating. We have one Girl Scout and one Cub Scout coming home from school with us tomorrow to go out and collect non-perishable items for the food pantry with Gage, Emma, Scott and me. I hope we're successful. I'll be sure to get a lot of pictures.

Scott has been busy touring donors around and being a hunting guide for them the past few days. I love the fall season, but I hate that the hunting season causes me to be a single parent so often. I suppose when the kids are old enough to go with him more often, maybe I'll enjoy it more? However, they certainly won't be able to go as much as he does. School will put a damper on that.

Not too much else happened today. We did take a few apples down to The Banquet today. The Banquet is a place where the needy people of Bismarck/Mandan can go to have a nice, warm, free, sit-down meal every Thursday. This Thursday our church was hosting it. Unfortunately because Scott was gone, I wasn't able to volunteer to help out. In the church bulletin they were asking for apples to be donated if anyone had apple trees. We don't have a tree, but we had quite a few left from my Mom and Dad's tree. They were starting to soften up a bit, (we like our apples crispy) so instead of letting them go to waste, we donated them to The Banquet. When I took the sack of them in, the guys sitting around the table that were taking a break from cooking the meal noticed those red apples in my bag and wanted to see them. There were tons of apples donated, but none were like these that look like what you get from the grocery store. One of the guys said, "I've got to try one of those", and took one to eat. Another lady did as well. They are in love with your apples Mom and Dad! We ate so many of them, but couldn't get them all eaten before they started to soften up a bit. I can't wait for more next year!!! Emma saved the seeds out of her apple and she is determined to grow one just like yours! We're going to see if we can get them to sprout. She's already trying to decide where we are going to plant it. When I told her Tuttle would be a good place, she quickly shot that idea down. She wants them where she can get her hands on them!!

Gage is so excited about school tomorrow he said he was having troubles going to sleep. He gets to do show-and-tell AND have Scott and me come in to eat lunch with him after Scott tells about his job and reads one of their favorite books. On top of that, he gets to have a Harvest Party. He'll be jumping out of bed without much trouble in the morning! I'll probably have over a hundred photos to post tomorrow night!

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