Tuesday, October 28, 2008

If it's not one thing, it's another.

My Grandma Larsen always said, "If it's not one thing, it's another!" Boy was she ever right! I tell you what, if anything can happen, it's going to happen to me!

The other night when I was going through the popcorn order forms and getting totals, I had several with discrepancies. One of those discrepancies was because a lady had written a check for $25 instead of $8. In the memo area of her check it said, "pizza and popcorn". Apparently this Mom had a couple different fundraisers going on and this particular lady had written one check for both things, and she made it out to the lady selling, rather than Pack 125. Anyway, I had Scott call her and tell her of the mistake and she said she would bring a new check by and pick that one up the next day. She never did bring the check by. Since this order has to be called in and faxed tomorrow, I told Scott to call her again because she didn't bring the check by like she said she would. He called her and she said she dropped the check off yesterday. I told Scott while he was still on the phone with her that no one was here yesterday to drop off a check. Then she said that when she stopped she had given it to a lady with a baby and that she seemed kind of confused. I thought, "CRAP! She gave the check to the Mom that was here with her kids at our Girl Scout meeting yesterday." I figured that she must have had her hands full with all 4 of her kids and forgot to give me the check. I called her up and asked her if anyone had stopped and had handed her a check. She didn't know what I was talking about. I called Kara and also Holly, another Mom that was here at the end of the meeting. No one saw a strange lady here. Now what? Well, I decided before I called anyone else that was here for the Girl Scout meeting yesterday, I would call this lady back and talk to her myself. Scott had to leave to go eat supper with some people in town, so he wasn't here anyway. I called this lady back and I asked her if she could describe the person she gave the check to. She told me that she couldn't really remember, but she had dark hair and she had a baby. I told her I called the Mom that was here who had a baby and she didn't know what I was talking about. She didn't have dark hair either, so I knew it wasn't her. She told me that she knew she had the right house because she said it was the same place that they dropped off the order form the other day. I told her that that really didn't matter in my case, and told her my story about me dropping off that printout to the Girl Scout lady and had the neighbors house next door! So, it WAS possible that she stopped at a neighbors house; however, none of my neighbors have a baby. I kept hinting at the fact that she had to have dropped it off at the wrong house, and she wasn't buying that. Then she said, "It was right after school at 3:10 or so." I told her that it couldn't have been here then, because we wouldn't have been home from school yet. She says, "Well, I know the house because my daycare lady lived there before you." I told her that couldn't be right, because the lady that lived here before us was older and I told her the name and she said that wasn't the right name. Then I told her our address and she said that she dropped it off at an Interstate Avenue address. UGH! I knew she hadn't dropped it off here! Then I figured it out because I looked at our Scout roster and their den leader lives on Interstate Avenue. Okay, now that's pretty bad that she doesn't even know who her den leader is, and didn't realize that Scott wasn't her den leader when he called about the check in the first place! And that she handed a check to someone she didn't even know!! UGH! I then called her den leader's house and yes, the check was dropped off there and that lady was confused about it, but because it was the popcorn stuff, she assumed her husband knew what it was about. I can't wait to get rid of this crap tomorrow!!! UGH! I keep thinking I must be going crazy, but it wasn't me this time! Thank goodness!

Emma started her new session of gymnastics this evening. She seems to really be enjoying gymnastics. I wish we could actually see what they are doing when we're there. Unfortunately they are directly underneath the balcony we are sitting in and we can't really watch them without hanging over the railing.

I had an orthodontist appointment today to make sure things were still on schedule to get my braces off next month. It's a good thing I had that appointment today because one of the brackets came off of my top right lateral tooth! I didn't even realize it was off! I thought something felt different, but I didn't know what it was. I haven't had many brackets come off, so I just didn't realize it. My tooth had shifted some, so it was a good thing I had the appt so they could get it reattached and straighten it back out before Nov 19. I can't wait to get these darned things off!!!

I'm hoping for a really boring day tomorrow. One that absolutely nothing happens. :-)

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Kara said...

I am glad you got things straightened out! What a hassle!