Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lost and not found

I have driven myself crazy today trying to find a library book that we apparently lost yesterday. I thought I would be wise, and bring a book for Gage to read while we were at gymnastics and while we went to Starbucks with Kara to talk about the Girl Scout parent meeting tomorrow night. I thought we brought it home, but I have torn the house apart looking for it and I can't seem to find it anywhere. I called Kara to see if maybe we had left it in her car. We hadn't. I called Starbucks to see if we left it there. They said it wasn't. I called the Bismarck Gymnastics Academy to see if Gage somehow lost it there. They said it hadn't been turned in. UGH! Later, after school when we were running errands, I even decided we would just go to Starbucks and ask them because maybe someone else would have had a different answer. Nope. I sent an email today to Mrs. Hocking and Mrs. Schmidt to tell them that we had lost Gage's library book. We have never lost a book before and it is driving me crazy trying to retrace our steps and find it. I asked in the email if they could tell me the exact title of the book so I can just go to Barnes and Noble and buy a new one. It was a paperback book, so it shouldn't cost as much as a hardcover would. Mrs. Schmidt was so nice and told me she was sorry this happened, but please don't worry about it and said to tell Gage not to worry about it. She said Gage would still be allowed to check out 2 library books. She said it would turn up, they almost always do, because they have Northridge Elementary School stamped inside the book 4 times and usually someone will get it to the right place. She doesn't know me very well, because all this is going to do is make me continue to worry about it and try and find it. I will get the title of the book tomorrow and buy them a new one so hopefully I can keep my sanity. I told her if it ended up being found, then the library would just end up having 2 copies. It is apparently a popular book because Gage had put it on hold for himself the next time it was available in the library. It was an Indiana Jones chapter book. I'm just totally irritated with myself!

A few weeks ago I had made an appointment at the Dr's office for Gage's 8-year-old well check. That appointment was for today at 3:40. I had completely forgotten about it until about 2:30 this afternoon. For whatever reason I picked up my new handy-dandy Mom's plan-it calendar and noticed I had written down that Gage had his Dr.'s appointment today! I'm sure glad I looked at it! We made it to the appointment on time and they actually called us in fairly quickly and the doctor came into the room after only about 2 minutes of waiting!! I'm not sure that's ever happened before! When I had made the appointment, I asked them if I could also bring Emma in and have both of them get their flu shots. They said that would be fine. I decided that I was not going to tell Emma about her getting a flu shot. I'm sure you can all remember what happened the last time Emma got a shot. Or even worse, when she got her 5-year-old shots. When I signed the form when we checked in at the desk, I noticed the form said Emma would be getting the flu mist instead of the shot. When the nurse mentioned that when we were in the exam room, Gage said, "Mom, I don't want that stuff! I want the shot!" Gage said that his cousin Colton said it feels like getting water up your nose. Gage said he doesn't like that feeling and said he would rather have the shot. I thought if that's what he wanted, I didn't care which way he got it. Well, Emma then heard that and she started saying she wanted the shot instead. I told her she could forget about that because I was not going to deal with her acting like she did the last time! The doctor said that the shot would cost us $17 more dollars because with that you have to pay an administration fee, and you don't have to with the mist. She also said that studies show it's more effective if you alternate between the shot and the flu mist every other year. So, Gage and Emma both ended up with the mist in their nose. It was completely painless, but Gage was ticked off and saying, "I'm getting the shot next year!" I think I was safe in telling him that that's what he would get. I just can't win I tell you!

Needless to say, I didn't get much organizing done as far as scrapbooking is concerned.

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Kara said...

I'm sorry you didn't find the book! I am sure that it will turn up eventually but it would drive me crazy too!