Thursday, October 23, 2008

No school today

The kids and I had a pretty good day today. They let me sleep in while they watched The Spiderwick Chronicles for the second time. We watched it again together this afternoon. I was surprised that they weren't scared when they were watching it! I asked Gage if it scared him the first time and he said he would have had bad nightmares if it weren't for his dream police. The dream police is a line of stuffed animals on the edge of his bed and they fight off bad dreams before they can get to Gage. Whatever works! :-) I'm sure they are on duty tonight as well.

Gage checked out the first book in The Spiderwick Chronicles series at the school library on Tuesday and he finished reading it last night! He wanted to go to Barnes and Noble today to get the next books in the series. He was able to buy all 5 books in the series with all of his gift cards that he got for his birthday! He was pretty excited about that. Emma had a gift card that she spent as well. It's definitely cheaper to send them to school! We have quite a bit of reading material to last us a few days anyway. Gage read the entire 2nd book today. I couldn't believe he could read the entire chapter book in one day! He's definitely getting some reading time logged in on his sheet for school this week!

We spent some time cleaning up the basement today as well. It looked like a tornado had gone through. I'm sure it won't stay picked up for long!

Scott was out "working" in the field today scouting for ducks. He just happened to find a few pheasants to shoot as well. I'm sure that was over his "lunch hour". There are some big donors here for the weekend and Scott is their hunting guide. Tough job he has, huh? Tomorrow morning he is going to go swan hunting and Gage decided he wanted to do that too so he will be getting up with Scott and Brie in the morning to go shoot a swan. A friend of Scott's and his daughter will be going as well, so they will probably end up bringing Gage back home and Scott will stay wherever it is he's at and then hunt with the donors. I think they will be staying in Tuttle, but I'm not positive about that. Maybe they'll make a big donation to the Tuttle fund?

It's just me and the kids this weekend. There's not a whole lot going on other than church on Sunday. It will be a nice break from the running around I've been doing for the past couple of weeks. I'm not sure what Emma and I will do tomorrow, but I'm sure she'll want to go do something to make up for not getting to go hunting with Scott and Gage. I'm betting she'll pick ice cream at DQ!

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