Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Painful legs

For the past couple of weeks my legs have been really sore. Mostly my thighs. When I get up to walk, they are so stiff and sore that I walk funny until I can get them "loosened up". I've been wondering why in the heck they have been sore, because I haven't been exercising even though I need to be! Yesterday, after working in the library, I was riding my bike home and my legs felt weird and rubbery-like. It finally dawned on me what the deal is. Who knew that reshelving library books would be a good workout on my legs? All of that repeated squatting, then standing to put books on the lower shelves, over and over, is apparently a good thing!

Tonight I had my first adult women's-league volleyball game of the season. This is actually our 3rd game, but the 1st week I totally forgot I had a game that night until 7pm, and the game started at 6:30. Oops! Complete brain fart. Then I couldn't go last week because Scott was out of town. We won 2 out of 3 matches tonight. We should have won all 3, but you know how it goes.

Gage said he wasn't feeling the best at suppertime. He said his stomach hurt a little bit. I thought he was just trying to get out of eating supper because he was complaining about Scott having fixed Hamburger Helper. He claims he doesn't like it, but he has eaten it very well in the past. Emma was pretty funny. When I called her into the kitchen for supper, she looked at the plates and said, "I want more than that!" There wasn't anymore in the pan, as Scott had divided it up between our 4 plates. She decided to move herself and her drink to my spot at the table because there was more supper on my plate than hers. LOL! So after eating my plate of supper, she was psyched when Gage claimed he couldn't eat his supper and then ate his too. I guess she was hungry! I offered Gage one of the new snacks I found at Walmart that I thought he could try out to see if he liked them so I could get some for his snack at school. They were containers of cottage cheese with fruit-like stuff (that probably isn't the most healthy snack since I don't even know for sure what you call the "fruit-like stuff".) It resembled fruit preserves, but contains less sugar than yogurt. Anyway, when I offered him one of those he said okay, so I thought maybe he was just playing us because he didn't want to eat the supper Scott had fixed. (Yes, Scott made it home today from his long hunting excursion.................his punishment for being gone so long was to fix supper.) Anyway, he was still complaining of his stomach bothering him after he was in bed, so I believe he was being honest about not feeling well. He's very worried that he's going to be sick on Friday for his birthday party and Saturday on his actual birthday. I told him to just get plenty of rest because it would help his body to fight whatever was trying to make him sick. He was anxious to get to sleep after I told him that. He has a fun field trip on Friday afternoon at school too, so I know he doesn't want to miss that. A few of the 2nd grade classes are going to Buckstop Junction to see what life would have been like in the "olden days". I am chaperoning on the field-trip so that should be fun. I'm praying I get a well-behaved group of kids. I hope he starts feeling better.

Just as I wrote that last sentence "I hope he starts feeling better" I heard a pitiful voice upstairs saying, "I just puked!" UGH! I sure am regretting offering Gage that cottage cheese at suppertime. It sure stinks the second time around. I'm SO THANKFUL that it was all contained in his bed linens and didn't get on his new carpet! However, he attempted to make it to the bathroom the 2nd time, but Scott was showering with the door locked and he made it to the stairs (carpeted) on his way to the upstairs bathroom. Guess who got to clean that mess up! Not me! (Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be gone for about 2 weeks straight!) Gage is not running a fever, so it may just be an upset tummy? He said he was feeling better after having emptied his stomach. We'll see how the night goes as to whether we'll attempt school tomorrow. He'll be devastated if he can't have his birthday party. Keep your fingers crossed!

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I hope Gage is feeling better today!