Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Costumes finally on order!

We had a fairly decent day today. The kids only tried killing each other once. The weather was much better out today than yesterday so we rode our bikes to school this morning. I stayed at the school and worked in the library for about an hour or so, then I went to Biolife. I had a pretty quiet day for the most part.

Emma had gymnastics this evening so while she was there, Kara, Kya, Gage and I went to Starbucks so we could talk over our Daisy Scout parent meeting that will be taking place Thursday evening. I'm anxious to get that over with so we can start having FUN meetings with the girls!!

Halloween is just around the corner and Emma has had the most difficult time deciding what she wants to be for Halloween this year. I feel a little bad, because it's probably alot my fault since I have tried to have Gage and Emma's costumes coordinate every year. I think the reason I've done that is because 1) I think it's cute and 2) it makes for a good scrapbook page. Gage has been quite determined that he is going to be Rex this year. For those of you who don't know, Rex is a Clonetrooper. The girl costume that is from Clone Wars is Ashoka and Emma has been saying she didn't want to be that for Halloween. I told her that was fine and that she could choose to be whatever she wanted to be this year (while I secretly hoped she would choose to match Gage). For a couple of weeks now I've been trying to get her to decide what she wants to be. I probably should be a "good Mom" and make their Halloween costumes, but I figure if it ain't broke, don't try and fix it! All that would do is cause me a lot more stress. This morning I told Emma she needed to decide what she wants to be for Halloween. She said she wanted to be a baby. Hmmm.........okay. I told her that there probably isn't a "baby" costume at the store I was planning to order Gage's costume from online, but I told her I could probably make one. Gage replies, "You mean you can make a costume Mom?" LOL! I told Gage that there are lots of Moms that never buy a costume, and they always make them. I remember my sister Kim making the neatest costumes for Ryan and Sara when they were growing up. One year they were Mickey and Minnie Mouse and she did such a good job that you would never believe they were handmade. I also remember the dinosaur costume she made Ryan and that same year Sara was a clown. I always admired her for that, and thought that I would do that myself for my kids. Well, that plan kind of fell through. I found the cutest sweet pea costume for Gage for his first Halloween and I haven't even thought about making their costumes since then. I guess the sewing machine intimidates me a little bit, especially if it involves following a pattern! So, my kids will probably always be wearing "store bought" costumes. While Emma was trying to come up with something this morning, Gage says, "Emma, come on, be Ashoka!" in the sweetest way he could. She apparently couldn't resist that (I wouldn't have been able to either) and decided to be Ashoka. I quickly logged onto the internet and ordered the costumes before she could change her mind. I think she's excited now that she has finally decided what she's going to be. I really wanted them to be Shrek and Fiona, but Gage wanted no part of that. I just think they would be cuter than ever dressed up like that, and Emma wouldn't even have to color her hair, or wear a wig! Maybe next year? Hopefully there's not another new Star Wars or Clone Wars movie out before next Halloween, and we can do something besides that!! I just can't find any Star Wars themed scrapbooking supplies!!

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