Saturday, October 25, 2008

Long weekend

Once again, today was a fairly quiet day. This has been a long weekend already. Today Gage, Emma and I went out to finish up our popcorn sales. Gage filled up his order form, which was the "realistic" goal we set. There was no way we would be able to sell $2300 worth of popcorn for the top prize of a Nintendo DS, so I was thankful Gage was happy with just trying to fill up his order form to earn a special patch. He also earned a Lego set for his prize. Great, more Legos! Scott and I are the popcorn chairpeople so all of the orders will be coming in to us and we will be filling out all of the paperwork to finalize the fundraiser on the 29th. I am looking forward to all of the fundraising to be overwith, that's for sure. Thanks to all of you for supporting Gage and Emma in their fall fundraisers. This will allow them the opportunity to attend Scouting events and camps throughout the year.

Scott has been out scouting/hunting since Thursday and should be home later tomorrow. Hopefully he'll be back in time for me to attend the Girl Scout Service Unit meeting tomorrow evening. That's what the plan was, but that doesn't always mean anything. His cell phone bit the dust on Thursday, so we haven't heard a thing from him. I'm sure he's been bothered more by not having it than we have been.

I'm sorry for such a boring post, but we have had a pretty boring day. Our biggest adventure of the day was going to PetSmart to buy crickets for Sid. We did get a pretty good deal on a Cricket Keeper when we were there. When I was looking at them I noticed there was a sign posted beneath them stating that they were on sale for 7.99. I thought that was a pretty good deal, so I took it to the checkout with the crickets. When she rung it up it said it was $15.99. I told her that I thought it was on sale and she said that $15.99 was the sale price. I told her the sign said it was $7.99 so she went to look and then discovered that someone had put the large Cricket Keepers over the small one's sale tag. There were no small ones left, so I told her I didn't want it. She called the manager over to tell her about it and they sold it to me for the cheaper price. I know at some stores they will give you the cheaper price if they have something mislabeled, but I didn't know PetSmart was one of them! That was our excitement for the day. Pretty pathetic, I know.

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