Saturday, October 11, 2008

Busy/Boring Day

Scott and the kids had a busy day. I, on the other hand, had a LONG and boring day. I spent all day at Girl Scout Leader training and I didn't learn anything that I haven't already read, or couldn't read on my own. I was hoping to get all excited and inspired with ideas, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Am I surprised? No. They had us get into groups SEVERAL different times during the morning session and do stupid things. Being the introvert that I am, I didn't enjoy any of that. In big groups like that, I just hate doing those sort of things. I guess I did learn a few games that we can play, but none of them will probably work until we're at least at the Brownie level. I don't know if I'll even bother with it next year? Kara, you didn't miss a thing, so don't feel bad about not being able to go!!!

I got a text message from Scott telling me that soccer was brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It was quite chilly out today, but we didn't have any snow. I guess that was good to not have to play soccer in the snow! Emma went on the Girl Scout hayride this afternoon with our neighbors, Hallie and her Dad Chris. Bonnie was at the leader training as well, so neither one of us was able to attend the hayride event. I was sure to text Scott back, just before my phone's battery died, to make sure he dressed Emma in her winter coat and hat and mittens. I would have had more fun freezing on the hayride than I did at the leader training. I had Scott send my camera with Chris to take some pictures. It's funny to see the different pictures men take when behind the camera. I always have something in mind (a scrapbook page of course) when I'm taking pictures, and I try to take enough good pictures to do at least one page; however, I usually end up with enough to do an entire album! Chris took 8 photos for me and I'm happy that he took the camera and got some shots for me! I'm posting the best 3.

Emma and Hallie being silly on the hayride. I was happy to see that Scott did actually dress Emma in her winter coat and a hat!

Emma eating a s'more. Apparently these were JUMBO s'mores and they used a whole Hershey bar in each one! I would have enjoyed one of those! This is off the subject, but what do you think of Emma's coat? I found this Columbia parka, in excellent condition I might add, at a garage sale early this year for $12!!!! What a find!

I'm not sure what's happening in this picture. Emma reported that she had alot of fun and she was excited to show Scott her new patch when she got home. I told her I would get it sewed on her uniform when I got some matching thread.
Scott had several errands to run today and he actually got all of them done. While they were out, they stopped at the video store and rented the movie, E.T. I remember seeing this movie when I was a kid and it was one of my favorites. I think we even got to go to the theater to see it. Did you take us to this movie Kysa? I seem to remember that, but I could be wrong. Maybe it was The Fox and the Hound that she took us to? Do you remember Jari Jo? I remember crying at both of them! It's been so long ago since I have seen it, that I had forgotten alot of it. The kids had been told by the neighbors that "It's freaky!" "E.T.'s head gets blown up!" "It's scary!" They decided after the movie was over, that none of those statements were true. I had forgotten all of the details of the part where E.T. gets sick and dies. When I looked at Emma, her bottom lip was quivering and she was trying her hardest to fight back the tears. She couldn't do it, and neither could I. Both Gage and Emma were crying and I was crying right along with them. They were happy again when he came back to life, and we were all crying again when they had to tell E.T. goodbye. It was a fun movie to watch with the kids. I like those older movies that take you down memory lane. I remember the Speak & Spell game that was on there. I don't think I had one, but one of my friends did. They also showed The Purple Pie Man, who was a Strawberry Shortcake doll, which I did have! When I saw it I hollered out, "Oh, there's Purple Pie Man! I had him!" Scott thought that was funny. I loved Strawberry Shortcake when I was a kid. Mom still has some of my dolls, although they aren't in the best condition. They've been through many grandchildren; however, they do still smell! Strawberry Shortcake is popular again, but she's definitely more "hip" and "stylish" than she was when I was a kid!
Tomorrow is the big CROP Walk that I said I would coordinate at our church. I had a table set up last week at church and actually did get some people to sign up to walk and/or make pledges. I did screw up initially though. I gave out 2 of the forms without taking down the names of the people who I gave them to. It wouldn't have been too big of problem, but I didn't know the people. I did tell them they needed to bring them back if they decided to do it or not. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll actually bring them back and I can write them down. I'm hoping that if I screwed it up enough they won't ask me to do it again next year! It's going to be a cold one! Thankfully the kids are going to a birthday party at that time, so I won't have to listen to them whine for 4 miles! I may be the one whining if it's too cold out!

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Kara said...

Sorry the training wasn't too much fun....I was feeling a little guilty about not making it. Too bad it wasn't more worthwhile for a WHOLE day!

Looks like Emma and gang had a fun time on the hayride!