Sunday, October 26, 2008

The weekend is finally over!

Whew, am I glad this weekend is finally over. It has been a long one indeed!

Scott made it home at a fairly decent time today, which I was quite shocked about. I think it was around 12:30 or 1pm. He also shaved when he got home, so I was glad about that!! I'm not a fan of facial hair, as you all know!

I don't know how I get myself into all of the predicaments that I get myself into, but today I was totally stressed about a calligraphy project. A lady at church asked me if I knew how to do calligraphy. I told her it depends on why she wanted to know! I should have stuck with that attitude! She had a frame with a mat that she wanted to have Pirates of Penzance 2008 written on in calligraphy. I have taken a calligraphy class, but that has been about 7-8 years ago. Writing calligraphy takes a lot of practice and needless to say, I have not been practicing the past 7-8 years. I was practicing on paper for quite awhile this afternoon. I looked online for different alphabets and couldn't find any that were free. We ended up going to the Public Library so I could check out a calligraphy book. I finally had it down and was so stinking nervous to actually write it on the mat! My hand was shaking so bad it wasn't even funny. I finally bit the bullet and started writing. It didn't look 100%, but it wasn't completely ruined. I started out spacing my letters a bit too far apart and then had to squeeze them a little closer at the end to keep it centered under the cut out in the mat. My hands were shaky for awhile after that because I was so nervous. The gal came over to get it and she was thrilled with it (or so she said) and gave me a $5 gift card to Starbucks for doing it for her. That was nice of her, but I won't ever do that again! I was too stressed out!!! If I had had a couple practice mats to work on, it could have turned out better, but I had only one shot to get it right.

When we were leaving the library after getting the calligraphy book a gust of wind came up and I am not kidding you, it was pushing me around! Then, it ripped my glasses right off of my face! No kidding! I felt them go, then I saw them fly across the parking lot quite a ways and I thought they were gone. I hollered at Scott to help me find them. I couldn't see that well myself so I was having a hard time. After about 3 minutes or so (that doesn't seem like long, but it sure felt like forever!) Gage spotted them. I was surprised there weren't more scratches on them than there were. Secretly, I was kind of hoping they would be lost because I would like to get a different pair; however, I wasn't really wanting to spend the next week without them while I was waiting for a new pair! That is some wind to rip the glasses right off of my face!!!

I have been working on the popcorn stuff most of the afternoon. I did take a couple hour break to go to a Girl Scout service meeting that I certainly wouldn't have missed if I hadn't gone. I have been counting and recounting money. It's amazing to me at how many people have made mistakes on their order forms. Some are short money, some are long money. Half the people didn't collect all of their money and I have no idea what the protocol is. I will be sending out many emails tomorrow asking tons of questions. It looks as if we have sold approximately $11,500 worth of popcorn! There are still a few scouts we need to find out if they sold any or not, so it could even be more. Last year the total sales were around $7300 so we have definitely done better this year. I'll be anxious to get this stuff out of my hair! I think we have to have everything completed and sent in by the 29th.

I am just praying no one else asks me to do anything for at least a couple of weeks! I'm worn out and in need of a break (more like a vacation!) trip to Medora certainly didn't count since it turned out to be a disaster.

Emma has been losing her voice for the past couple of days. She hasn't been feeling bad until this evening. When I got home from the meeting she looked pitiful. Her poor eyes were droopy and watery. I checked her forehead with my lips and she felt a little warm, but not too bad. We gave her some Motrin before bed, so hopefully she'll be feeling better tomorrow! She can't be sick because we have our first Daisy Scout meeting tomorrow after school at 4pm. I will have to go even if she is sick since I am one of the co-leaders! I suppose if she's too sick to go to school in the morning then Scott will have to come home early from work to stay with her and Gage while I'm at the Daisy meeting. I'm just praying it won't even be an issue and she'll be feeling great in the morning. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Kara said...

Glad you got your writing done for that lady! I am sure it looks great!