Sunday, October 19, 2008

Scrappin' in Medora

I got 22 pages done and a total of 7 hours of sleep the entire weekend. I'm dead tired and glad to be home. I got home this afternoon around 3:30p and we headed down to the Bismarck Civic Center to watch the Minnesota Timberwolves vs. the Denver Nuggets. It was a nailbiter of a game with the Timberwolves winning 111-107. (You were wrong Dustin!) We went to the game because it was Scout night with the Timberwolves. Emma had a pass to meet with other Girl Scouts to do a "pregame tunnel" at 4:30. I had no idea what that meant, but we participated anyway. The girls were allowed to line up along the guard rails where the NBA players enter the gym from the locker rooms. They were supposed to get to slap hands with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Apparently there was some miscommunication (imagine that!) because the Timberwolves entered from the opposite corner. The girls did get to slap hands with the Denver Nuggets; however. It was also supposed to be the Cub/Boy Scout night with the Timberwolves as well, but as far as I could tell, there wasn't anything special for the boys? I asked for information from the Cubmaster over a month ago, but I didn't get a response. I did see a couple of other Boy Scouts when we left the Civic Center, so at least Gage wasn't the only Scout there in uniform! I have pictures from the game that I will post tomorrow.

As I mentioned before, I am dead tired. I will post more about the weekend events tomorrow.

Have a great week!

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