Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Today I did just what I said I was going to do................NOTHING! It was awesome! I only left the house to take the kids to school and to pick them up from school. I also left tonight to go play volleyball, but since that's fun, it doesn't count.

Emma had a pajama party at school today to learn the letter P. She was very excited about wearing her p.j.'s to school! She takes after me in that she could wear her p.j.'s all day every day if she could! She wore her red fuzzy slippers that Grandma Pipi made and I guess the teachers LOVED them! Emma said her music teacher asked if she could touch them. LOL! When I picked Emma up her teacher said she had the cutest p.j.'s ever and the best slippers. She was shocked when I told her my Mom made them. Get the knitting needles out Grandma because I think I'm going to have to order slippers for teacher gifts this year! :-)

Emma in her Christmas p.j.'s. I found these fleece bottoms last year on clearance at Old Navy for $2. I wish I had a pair. They have Christmas sayings all over them and they match a p.j. top that she already had. She couldn't wait to get to school in her p.j.'s and she must have worn her slippers all day at school.

I called the popcorn orders in to the Fargo office this morning so I thought I had all of that out of my hair. It just popped into my head late this afternoon that I forgot to order the patches on the prize sheet that everyone gets for participating! UGH! I'm going to have to call them tomorrow to make sure they get those added to the order form.

Sometimes sitting around doing nothing is a bad thing for me. It gives me time to think, and often times thinking causes me more work. I decided to try and get our Girl Scout troop and our Cub Scout den together after school on Friday to "Trick-or-Treat-for-Others-to-Eat". So far there are 4 of our Scouts (including my 2) that are planning to go out trick-or-treating for non-perishable food items that we will then donate to the Emergency Food Pantry or Ruth Meier's Hospitality House. I haven't heard from 3 yet, so we may end up with a few more. I want my kids to learn to have a giving heart. I don't know what Mom and Dad did special with me, to make me a "giver", but I hope I can do the same for my kids. I'm going to have them wear their costumes and then put their Scout uniforms over the top so we can be easily identified as a Scout group.

Tonight before I came down to blog, I fed Sid a couple of crickets. I had the camera nearby so I thought I would get a few pictures of him. They turned out pretty good so I wanted to post them for you all to see. I think we're feeding him too much because he seems to be getting fatter.

He spent most of today sitting in his water dish. He likes to do that. We had to get a new water dish because the other one, which was stone, kept leaking water. We returned it and got the same thing and it leaked too. The wood chips would be totally saturated on the backside of the aquarium, so this time Scott brought home a plastic one. I didn't know if it would be too small or too deep for him, but it seems to fit him perfectly. I kept wondering why his water dish would get so dirty so quickly because I hadn't seen him in the dish until just the other night, then he spent nearly all day in it today.

Isn't he cute? LOL! He seems to be doing very well since we put him in this habitat. He burrows down into the wood chips and sometimes it's quite hard to find him!

After I put the crickets in tonight I quickly put the setting on video to see if I could get him eating a cricket. Although it's not really clear, you can definitely see him catch and eat the cricket! It was a big one too!
This week Gage has been the "Star of the Week" at school. During their week of stardom, they are allowed to bring a show and tell item (I'm glad I just thought of that because Gage hasn't done that yet!) and then they can invite their parent(s) in to read a story or talk about their work. Gage said he wanted to have Scott come in and talk about ducks. (I didn't feel too bad, because I doubt anyone would have been too interested in hearing about my stay-at-home-Mom job.) Scott also said he wanted to read a story, The Birthday Cake, by Sven Nordquist. Then we will get to stay and eat lunch with him at school. Gage is so excited about Friday he can hardly stand it. Every day on our walk to school this week he has asked, "What day is it today?" And when I tell him he replies, "Aaahhh, I want it to be Friday!" It will be fun to watch the kids react to Scott reading this book. I will take pictures and try to take video of him reading as well. They are also having a Harvest Party on Friday so it will be a fun-filled day at school. They aren't allowed to wear their costumes to school, but they have a Spooghetti Supper on Saturday evening where all the kids can wear their costumes. It's usually a fun time. Last year The Jennings gang went with us and we had fun. Wish you were here guys, to go with us again! I was going to invite Kara and the gang but they are going to be gone over the weekend. The kids will have a good time anyway, so that's what matters.


Emily Jennings said...

Awwwww...yeah. Hate that we can't go again this year!!

Kara said...

Thanks for thinking of, I guess second place all the time is all right. I just don't know if I like to hear it put that way! :) Sorry we missed it because it would have been fun!