Friday, October 24, 2008


Last night when I was finished posting on my blog, for whatever reason, I went onto the QSP website, which is where I can view the magazine purchases made under Emma's name for the Girl Scout fundraiser. Emma sold 4 magazines which put her at the first prize level. If you sold 6, you would get to the next level and so on. When I was finishing up Emma's fundraiser stuff, I wanted for her to get to the second level because she really liked that prize. I decided that I was NOT going to order 2 more magazines in order for her to win a $3 prize! When I checked the site last night, and seriously I have no idea why I decided to check it because I had already turned all of the stuff in, I noticed that a friend of ours had ordered 2 magazines, which put Emma up into the next prize level for selling 6 magazines. I was then all worried about whether or not it would be too late to get the information to the lady in charge of the fundraiser. When I looked at the printout I had made from our fundraiser, I also discovered that these 2 magazines also put her into the first level of prizes for selling over $250. This was another prize Emma was entitled to, but I didn't know if it was too late. Needless to say, I laid awake a few hours last night worrying about it, wondering if it would be too late. I felt kind of bad, because this friend was ordering the magazines to help Emma out, and I wanted for them to do just that. Plus, these 2 extra prizes are the ones that Emma really wanted in the first place. I decided to set my alarm so I would be sure to get up early so I could call the lady and ask her if it would be too late or not to add these magazines to Emma's order. I was up before 8, but I didn't want to call TOO early! I waited until just after 8, which I thought was still a little too early, but decided to do it anyway. I could tell she was awake, so I felt much better about calling her. I told her the situation and she said I would need to bring her the printout because she would be taking all of the stuff into the G.S. office before noon today. I told her I had some errands to run (I don't typically run errands this early in the morning, but I did have a couple of packages I needed to mail, so figured I could do that as well) and I would be over soon, if that wasn't a problem. Emma was already up and about, so we got ready and got in the car to drive over to this lady's house. I had already been to her house to drop the stuff off, so I knew where it was, but I couldn't remember exactly what house number it was (her address was on the information I had already turned in). I knew exactly where I was going, so I wasn't worried about not having the number of her house because I figured I would remember it when I saw it. When we got to the house, I had Emma stay in the car while I just ran the paper to the lady. I rang the doorbell and it took a little bit for her to answer the door, which I thought was a little bit strange. Then a little old man in his flannel housecoat answered the door. I said, "Oh! (I was a little surprised about this because the lady was definitely not as old as this man was, but I thought maybe it was her father or something?) I was just stopping by to drop this paper off to Carrie", as I tried handing it to him through the door that he had opened just a crack. The man looks at me funny and says, "Carrie lives in the next house." CRAP! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Boy did I feel STUPID! I was so embarrassed and I apologized to him and left. I drove next door. The dumb houses almost look identical! I figured Carrie would have noticed that I was at the neighbors house, but she didn't say anything, so neither did I. She took the papers and said she would take them to the Girl Scout office with all of the other stuff and see what she could do. Let me tell you, after that stupid move, if Emma doesn't get those prizes I'm going to be ticked!!! LOL! I told myself I wasn't going to tell anyone about this stupid mistake I made, but I didn't have anything else to blog about, so figured I would share it with all of you. I'm sure it made your day!


Emily Jennings said...

ok, that is pretty hysterical!!!

Kara said...

Funny. I actually checked on Wednesday and saw we had a couple more magazine orders too. I just figured they wouldn't count because of the Sunday deadline....oh well! Glad Emma will get her "extra" prize! LOL!