Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aching legs

I went out to Kara's this morning for our Christmas cookie bake-a-thon! It lasted from 9a-6p! My legs and feet are killing me! You don't even know how good it feels to get that chore DONE! Now, if I can only keep Scott and the kids out of them! Kara was great, and I think I wore her out......................she thought we were done and I sprung one more goodie on her! She even fed us supper! It was delicious too! Thanks Kara!

Dad, I hope your sweet tooth is ready for some goodies!

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Kara said...

My legs are aching too! As soon as you left, I told Guy that my feet and legs were sore! Here I am, still standing on to relax and watch some Prison Break! Thanks....I had a wonderful day too and the kids enjoyed having some friends over as well. Kya told me that Gage is her new best friend! Funny!