Friday, December 12, 2008

Blizzard #2 coming our way!

They are forecasting a big blizzard for North Dakota coming our way tomorrow afternoon! I haven't yet been to the grocery store to stock up, like I should. I didn't do it last time and wished that I had before it was all said and done. Like last time, Scott left to go hunting. He left just before 1pm today, after we finished delivering meals on wheels. Having his help delivering the meals today cut 15 minutes off of my time from last Friday! It also helped that it wasn't snowing like crazy today, like it was last week. Anyway, he's gone hunting and I hope he doesn't get caught in the blizzard. They are advising no travel for any reason, unless an emergency. I don't think it was an emergency that he go hunting, but I suppose he might disagree. The high temperature for Monday is supposed to be -8 degrees, with the low of -20 with the windchill around -40 below. Anyone want to come up and visit?

As promised, here are some pictures of Gage's den meeting from Tuesday night. The boys made the flag that we were assigned last month and birdhouses.

Last month at the pack meeting, when the cubmaster announced he wanted every den to make a flag, I wanted to cry. I'm thinking, "Like we don't have enough to do already!" Toby, one of the other "Scout Moms" said it would be a "piece of cake". I totally let her run with that! We gathered the boys after school a couple of weeks ago to take their picture together, then Toby made it into an iron-on transfer, along with a few other Cub Scout symbols. It really turned out cute and I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the actual flag! Gage is ironing on the picture in the center of the flag in the picture above.

Emma took the last turn and ironed on a picture of the Progress Towards Rank badge. She is doing double Scout duty as a Cub Scout and a Daisy Scout!

Here are the boys getting ready to start working on their birdhouses. Unfortunately when I went to the store that carries Scout supplies, they didn't have enough bird houses for all 5 boys, so I had to get one bird feeder, which was all they had of those as well! I pretty much cleaned them out of any bird kits.

Gage attempting to hammer on the perch, under the door. It's alot easier if you use one hand to hang onto the nail Gage! I think the hammers were a little too heavy for them to manage with one hand. We ended up with a lot of bent nails!

Dad finally helps out. Our project took longer than it needed to because we only had 3 hammers for the 5 boys to use. We'll have to plan a little better next time! We would probably have had enough if a couple of my hammers haven't been misplaced. They never seem to be where they are supposed to be.

The finished product! They turned out pretty good. It was very difficult to get them lined up to take this picture since Scott gave them all a duck call at the end of the meeting. Not a smart thing to do, when you're in an enclosed garage! He should have given them out as they were walking out the door, so they could torture their own parents in the comfort of their own car!
We have church program rehearsal tomorrow afternoon from 1:30-3:30. I was kind of hoping they would just cancel it with this big blizzard coming. That hasn't happened yet. I think I am going to skip my S-A B job and let someone else do it tomorrow. I'm sure I'll come up with a couple of errands I should run, like to the grocery store before the big blizzard hits! Yeah, right. You know me too well. I'll end up sitting right there in the front pew again, with my b**** look on my face glaring at the naughty kids! Sounds like alot of fun, huh?

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