Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa at the zoo

Yesterday afternoon we met Kara, Guy, Jadyn and Kya at the zoo to see Santa. Gage and Emma were VERY excited to see him and both had their lists in hand to be sure and tell him exactly what they wanted!

Gage and Emma with Santa at The Dakota Zoo.

Santa is reading Emma's list. He sure got a "Ho, ho, ho!" out of her having bubble bath on her list!

Emma stands by to make sure Santa can read everything on her list. He's checking it twice!

Gage having a chat with Santa.

Kya, Jadyn, Gage and Emma. Aren't those girls so cute in their matching dresses?

Today at church Gage and Emma had their Christmas program. They did a very nice job. It was almost amazing that it was pulled together as well as it was, considering the chaos only a week ago!
I have been trying to get rid of a migraine most of the day. I started getting a headache yesterday morning and it lingered throughout the day. I woke up around 1:30 this morning with a severe throbbing pain in my head and had to get up to take some Excedrin Migraine. I was awake for a few hours praying it would stop hurting long enough for me to fall asleep. I did finally fall back to sleep, but woke up with it still throbbing at 7am. I finally got it under control again and I've just been having occasional throbs reminding me that it isn't totally gone yet. My hair/scalp are even sore and tender to touch above my left eye. Hopefully I will get rid of it completely, and soon. I haven't had a headache in quite awhile and I am glad of that. Hopefully it will be another while before the next one.
I can't believe there are only 4 days until Christmas! The kids are excited and I am ready for it to be over! We are all very excited to be going to Iowa to see our family. We will be leaving Friday morning if the weather doesn't stop us!

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