Saturday, December 27, 2008

At last, we're here!

We made it to Iowa safe and sound. We left Bismarck around 7:30am Friday and we arrive in Clearfield around 6:40p. Not too bad when wintery weather could be a problem. It seems we left before the snow started in Bismarck and we got here just before the ice storm started! There is a layer of ice outside and they are calling for 1/4-1/2 inch of ice today!

Our trip was a long one, as usual. We're looking forward to quieter trips in the future. I told Emma, "Emma, you have been a difficult person to travel with since day 1! I thought now that you are older, you would travel better?" Emma replies, "Well, I'm sure when I am 8, I will be better!" Hmmm.........I guess in 2 years things will be better? Scott told her he would like to see that in writing, so she got out her handy dandy little journal that Dave and Maggie gave her for Christmas and wrote out a contract that said, "I will be good when I am 8. Emma, Age 5." I put it in the glovebox and told her that if we are still driving this car when she's 8, I will be sure to pull it out and remind her that she is now to be easier to travel with!

For Christmas, Gage received a book titled The Tale of Despereaux. We brought it along for Gage to read. He had read around 5 chapters and had put it away. At one point, well, after I spent close to an hour balancing the checkbook, I picked up his book and looked at it to start reading. I read a couple of sentences, then asked the kids if they would like for me to read it to them. They both said "YES!" I started reading and I couldn't put it down. This is a fairly decent sized book and we read the entire thing on our trip. I had to read fast towards the end because it was starting to get darker and hard to see. I finished up by the light of the little mirror on the sun visor. My throat was sore and my voice was starting to crack, but it was worth it. It was REALLY good. Even Scott was into it. Emma, on the other hand, couldn't stand being quiet for that long and was begging me to stop after each chapter, even though she said she liked it. She tried her best to get a few peeps in between chapters. If you're looking for a good read for your kids, I highly recommend it.

We have plans for Christmas today at Scott's parents and Christmas at my parents tomorrow. I've been challenged to a game of Wii tennis, so I'm just waiting for my nephew, Seth, to get here so I can kick his little patootie! :-)

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