Friday, December 19, 2008

Gingerbread House

Today I got to join Emma and her class as they made Gingerbread Houses at school. Each child was asked to bring a bag of candy, or graham crackers, or frosting to aid in the making of sweet houses.

Emma choosing her Gingerbread House. The graham crackers are hot glued around a milk carton. What a great idea! Gage got to do this when he was in Kindergarten too.

Emma takes her time to frost her house, so the candy will stick!

This is "finger-licking" fun!

Here is Emma's completed house. She is very proud of it and loves the little Teddy Grahams outside the front door.

Emma and her friend IsaBelle with their finished Gingerbread (graham cracker) houses.

Emma takes a little break to read a book about Santa while the rest of the class finishes up their project.

Emma and her friends Blaike and Emily. What cuties!

Emma's favorite part of making the Gingerbread houses was eating the sweets. They were warned not to eat too many by their teacher, as they would end up with stomachaches. Can you guess who's not feeling well tonight?

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Shannon said...

Wow, that Gingerbread house she built is really amazing for a five year old!! She is getting so tall and skinny!! Miss you all. Shan