Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Incredible Hulk?

I spent the day downtown at the Civic Center with Kara, at her craft booth, at the Pride of Dakota Show. I enjoyed getting to "catch up" on things since she's been on vacation for the past week. They announced at the end of the show that there were over 5,000 people who attended! It was very busy most of the day and then kind of fizzled out towards the end, which is kind of how those things always go. Kara did pretty well and I'm anxious to help her out again tomorrow. I saw LOTS of people I knew and several from the school. I was surprised that they all seemed to know me, which I'm sure is because I've been working in the library.

The kids had a good day with Scott. Gage is completely shot. He even looks tired! We started reading bedtime stories at 6pm and I'm sure he was out like a light before 7p. Emma seemed way hyper when I got home and I don't know if it's because she really was, or if it was because I was away from her long enough today to actually see how she normally acts? Scott stopped by at the show after he dropped Gage and Emma off at a birthday party and brought us lunch. It's amazing how good chicken nuggets can taste! :-) He wanted to bring something better, but I told him it needed to be something fast, easy and not messy!

Tonight at the supper table Gage was whispering something to Scott. I have no idea why, but Gage has decided he wants to color his hair blue. He later changed his mind to green. Scott had told him that I would have to make that decision! Thanks Scott! I don't know if he has seen someone with their hair a funky color or what, but I think I may let him do it? I want him to always know he doesn't have to be afraid to ask us things like that, and to prevent him from going out on his own and choosing to do something stupid like that, but more permanent, like a nose-ring or something like that. I guess a nose-ring can be removed, but I just pray he never goes out and does that sort of thing without talking to us first. I think he'll realize after he dyes his hair a different color, that it's not quite as "glamorous" as he might think? Since school pictures have already been taken, I don't have to worry about that. I suppose I'll have to make up my mind, soon, if we should take a family picture this year or not. I certainly don't want him to have green hair for something like that! Here's a little glimpse of what he looks like in green!
This summer when we went to the zoo with Kara, while Emma and Jadyn were at Daisy Day Camp, she was showing me one of the color changing features she has on her camera and she turned Gage green because he wanted to look like the Incredible Hulk.

His hair has some green coloring as well. He's still pretty darned cute, green skin/hair or not! :-)

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Kara said...

Thanks so much for your help the last two days! It was wonderful catching up!

I laughed when I saw those pictures of Gage...I actually forgot about playing around with my camera & taking them! :)