Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today Gage had his 6-month follow-up appointment with Dr. Warford to see if he needs to get started on orthodontic care. The tooth he was concerned about not coming in, is, so that is a good thing! Gage has a crossbite that needs corrected. Isn't he so lucky to have gotten that from me! Thankfully he doesn't have the underbite to go along with it! To correct the crossbite, they will need to widen Gage's palate. They took impressions today and will be making an appliance (just like the one I had) to be placed in his mouth to widen his palate. With luck on our side, it is possible that he won't need to have anything else, like full-blown braces, until his teenage years, if at all. Unfortunately, it is still a chunk of change that I wish we didn't have to part with. The palate expander will be ready to be put in sometime in January, so thankfully the new flex year will be available to help make payments. Because my treatment was a "rapid palate expansion", and Gage's will be slow, over time, he will not end up with the gap I had, THANK GOODNESS! We are eventually going to have to do the same thing for Emma, so I guess we might as well get used to it.

If anyone is wanting to learn how to do the blanket stitch, I found a blog with directions on how to do it. They were very simple to follow, and I am nearly done stitching on Emma's stocking! I'm excited with the progress I am making! Now, if I can just keep it up!

Today after I took Gage back to school after his orthodontist appointment, I ran down to the mall to go to Hallmark and Target. I got a little bit of Christmas shopping done while I was there. When I was leaving Target, I was putting my cart back where they belong inside the store and just as I was taking my bags out of the cart, a lady was coming up to put her stuff into the cart. She hesitated a second and then asked me, "Did this cart cost you alot of money?" I replied, "Yes! It did!" She took her things and put them into a different cart. I thought that was pretty funny and had a nice chuckle as I was leaving the store. I wonder if the new cart cost her any more money than mine cost me? HA HA!

It just started snowing as I was on my way home from the mall, and within the hour, when it was time for me to go get Gage and Emma from school, it really picked up! When I was leaving the house, my neighbor Bonnie, asked me if I wanted a ride, as she was going to pick up Erik and Hallie. I didn't hesitate and jumped right in! By the time we got to the school it was snowing so hard that it was very low visibility. Unfortunately Bonnie had to stay and work at the book fair that's going on at the school, so we weren't able to bum a ride home with her. Let me tell you, it was a miserable walk home and driving today would have been a good idea! It was like the Little House on the Prairie blizzard all over again! At least I was dressed appropriately as far as wearing a parka and stocking hat. I wasn't very smart in the shoe department, however. I had my slip-on shoes on and they were full of snow by the time we got home. My feet were frozen and cramping because the snow clumped up and it was like I was walking on half a snowball! OUCH! I learned my lesson and you can bet that I will be wearing my snowboots tomorrow!

We have Pastries with Parents in the morning. Mrs. Schmidt, the librarian at Northridge, asked me if I wouldn't mind working during the book fair in the morning, as they have been shorthanded. I told her I would be happy to do it, so we plan to leave early in the morning, eat our donuts and then go upstairs to work the book fair. I am going to give Gage and Emma a pencil and paper and have them make a list of the books they would like. I'm sure they will have fun doing that. They were writing their lists for Santa after school today and Emma was really enjoying that. I assured her that Santa would NOT be getting all of the things she had listed. She seemed okay with that. The reason she got started on her list is because when I was at Target, I had picked up some of the items I needed for the giving tree at church, and this particular child asked for bubble bath. I bought 3 different bottles of fun bubble bath and a container of tablets that change the color of the water. Emma said she wanted to have them and I told her that they were for the giving tree at church and if she wanted some, she would have to write them down on her Christmas list. She promptly got herself a pencil and paper and copied the words down onto her list, along with all of the bubble baths that I had gotten. :-) So, I think she will enjoy doing that at the book fair tomorrow, since this will be her first time to get to check the books out! Hopefully it won't be too congested with people and they will be able to make their lists.

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