Monday, December 8, 2008

Feeling the crunch!

I'm getting close to panic mode! I have so many things to do (or the things I normally do) and I am worried I'm not going to get them done! I don't think I've ever put off writing our Christmas letter this late before? I went to the post office this morning to mail a package (the Snowmen necklaces are on their way Kysa!) and decided to buy the 5 books of stamps we need to mail out our Christmas letter. I thought that might light a fire underneath me so I would actually start writing it! I did get some pictures on it, but now I just need to fill in the blank spots with words. I think my regular blog readers will be quite disappointed as it will be nothing new for them. Just a recap of what you've been reading on my blog, is what it will be. Scott tells me that many of the people we send the letter to are not reading my blog, so it will be news to them. He's probably right.

Today I picked Scott up from work to take him with me to Target over the lunch hour to get a few things and to get my Biolife money out of the ATM machine. I couldn't remember my pin number and tried 3 different numbers that didn't work. I used Scott's cell phone to call the 800 number on the back of the card to see if they could tell me. I was quite surprised at how easy that was! I just had to enter the card number, the last 4 digits of my SSN and it recited my pin number right then and there! Thankfully it worked! It was a nice little "lunch date" that I enjoyed.

Tonight was Gage's school Christmas concert. If you can even believe it, I forgot to take my camera! UGH! Scott took a few photos and video with his cell phone camera, but they aren't very good and I'm not even going to take the time to upload them to my blog. I could just kick myself for not taking my camera, especially since we were in the front row and could have gotten great pictures! Oh well, I guess that will save me some time when I get to this point in Gage's school scrapbook. The concert was really good and was put on by all 5 2nd grade classes. Gage mentioned either today or last night that he wished he had been given a speaking part or a solo to sing!? I can't believe he would have gotten up in front of the 100's of people that were there watching to sing a solo? There were a few that did; however, and they did a wonderful job. Emma was singing the songs on our ride home and Scott asked her how she knew the words. She replied, "Well, I was listening Dad!" DUH! :-) She was singing several of the songs and they aren't any that we've ever heard before. They weren't your typical Christmas songs, so I was quite amazed that she had that many words memorized already! I hope she will be brave enough to want to sing in front of all those people, because she really can carry a tune pretty well and I love listening to her sing.

I worked on Emma's Christmas stocking tonight and I am getting close to being done with it. I had to run to Hobby Lobby today to pick up some buttons and metallic gold DMC floss. I found the cutest star buttons to sew onto her stocking. I'll post a picture of it when I get it completed. I had to break out the new sewing machine that I bought last year on Black Friday! It worked great! I knew I needed that thing! :-) (It just happened to be a year later, however.)

I'm worried that I'm not going to get any Christmas cookies baked this year. Last year Emily and I got together and baked lots of goodies and I just don't see a whole lot of time coming my way to get them done? I will HAVE to make the Santa Surprises no matter what. Those are the BEST COOKIES EVER and Santa would be quite disappointed to stop by on Christmas Eve and see there were no Santa Surprises for him! He might leave me a lump of coal in my stocking if I don't get them baked!

Sorry it's so short tonight, but I want to go see if I can get a little bit more done on Emma's stocking before I hit the bed. Good night!

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Scott said...

You forgot to mention what a cheap date I am! Sharing a pizza and pop at Target.