Wednesday, December 31, 2008


You don't realize how often you use water until you don't have it. On Saturday, a water line broke and there are 7 counties, Taylor (the one we are in), is included. They have ordered that no water is to be consumed without prior boiling, for at least 1 minute, and dishes must also be washed in boiled water. Right now I have 4 pots on the stovetop boiling so I can wash a load of dishes before Mom gets out of bed. She doesn't have a dishwasher (we all grew up and moved away!), which I don't think could be used anyway, since the dishwasher doesn't boil water. It sure makes life interesting, that's for sure. Small tasks such as brushing your teeth, take a little bit of effort, thought and pre-planning. Last night the kids, my sister and her kids, and I went to Maryville, MO to go to the movie, Bedtime Stories, and since we were there, we picked up some bottled water at Walmart. We figured that all of the bottled water was probably gone in Creston, which is where the problems are. We probably should have gotten more. They have not said anything about how long this water issue will last, but I hope it isn't long. We only have a couple more days here, but Mom and Dad (and the rest of my Iowa family) will have to deal with this until the problem is resolved.

The movie, Bedtime Stories, that we went to yesterday was really good. I almost think it was better than Marley & Me. There were no sexual content that I was cringing to hear and there wasn't really any bad language that I can remember. The kids really enjoyed the movie as well. I really liked the fact that it was quite a bit cheaper than going to the movies in Bismarck. Especially the popcorn! Who can go to the movies without buying popcorn? The kiddie combos were half the price, and the large popcorn and pop had free refills, even with being $4 cheaper! I didn't realize Bismarck's prices would be that much higher. We enjoyed the movie.

We have been having major meltdowns due to the continuing lack of sleep problem we have. Gage threw a big fit in Walmart yesterday because he found a "Rare" "Limited Edition" Star Wars action figure that I wouldn't let him buy. He made quite a scene and it was embarrassing to say the least. On our walk to the checkout, I told him I was about to lose it and yell REALLY LOUD if he didn't be quiet. After a low mumble, of what I think was, "So." I didn't hear another word until we got outside. Soon we will be home and back into our old routine. I'm sure it will take at least a week to get the grumpies out of him!

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Kara said...

Ah...Maryville! We should have had you take a picture of our old house so we could see it again! Did you get to go to the movie at "The Hangar?" We were so excited when that place opened! We always enjoyed going to the dinner theater shows! :) Sorry to hear about the water situation! Enjoy your time with family!