Saturday, December 13, 2008

Still waiting!

I'm still waiting for the weather to get REALLY bad, like they have been saying it will. We could possibly get up to 9 inches of snow. It's supposed to get really bad tonight and the blizzard warning expires at midnight tomorrow night. I'm not real impressed yet. It is darned cold out, however, I will admit that. Scott called this afternoon to say he was on his way home and said he was driving pretty slow because it was really bad visibility. No crap! That's why they advised no travel!

The kids had their program practice this afternoon at church. It was MUCH better today. There were still a few "problem children", but nothing like the other night! Emma is very excited about the program tomorrow. She gets to dress up like an angel. Gage will be dressed like a shepherd. Unfortunately I have to usher and will be seated up in the balcony so I'm not sure how good my pictures will be. Maybe I can talk Scott into ushering for me while I sit down front and take pictures? We'll see. If the weather is REALLY bad, it may end up being cancelled, or postponed. I'm not sure which.

I'm gathering up my baking goods for a Christmas cookie baking marathon on Wednesday with Kara. I'm going to head out to her place Wednesday morning and see what we can accomplish before the kids get out of school. Hopefully Kya won't be placing any more butterfly beads up her nose causing another trip to the walk-in clinic!!! :-) Kara called me last night as she was on her way to the walk-in clinic. Apparently those recycled tin can lid ornaments with beads hot glued to them aren't 3-year-old proof? Or at least not if they're wanting to experiment by sticking the beads up their nose! Poor Kya! I'm betting she won't do that again! It was kind of funny, because it happened to be a green butterfly bead and Kara just thought it was a really hard booger that she was trying to pick. Finally, when they discovered it was a green bead in the shape of a butterfly, they tried to get her to blow it out, but she's too little yet to do that. Kara decided while they had her held down, with her needle-nosed jewelry pliars in her hand, that maybe she better take her to the walk-in clinic instead? Probably a good choice!

Kara stopped by today telling me she wanted me to have that butterfly bead because she was tired of looking at it. Instead she brought me a Lucy gift card for helping her out at her show last weekend! Lucy is one of my new favorite places to shop online, thanks to Kara! :-) I also got to go out to her house the other day and make some jewelry with her supplies. It was alot of fun and I can definitely see that there is a lot of work that goes into each of her pieces. Being a jewelry-maker, I know it takes alot of time, but she has some detail work with her metal pieces that take a lot longer to make. Thanks a ton Kara! You were too generous, however. All I wanted was to get out of the house after a long week at home by myself with the kids!

I best head upstairs. Scott just texted me from his cell phone telling me to come up and watch "It's a Wonderful Life" with him. What a dork!

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Kara said...

I was just happy to see the look on your face when you thought I was going to put that "booger" bead in your hand! :) You are awesome and I had fun hanging out with you. I am thankful that your family let me take you away for a couple days! Now, let's make some goodies!