Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Today I spent most of the day working on our Christmas letter. It's nearly done, but I seem to have troubles coming up with things to write about? Hmmm........that's a shocker, huh? Maybe it's because I write on my blog every day and trying to come up with something I haven't talked about is nearly impossible!

Tonight was the first evening of practice for the Christmas musical program that is on Sunday. I was just going to have Scott take the kids and drop them off, but my nagging conscience wouldn't allow it. When I take my kids to their different activities, I typically don't drop them off and leave, because I feel like it is my responsibility to make sure they behave, not the people who are kind enough to give their time to help them learn what they are there to learn. Gage had already had a meltdown prior to supper because he didn't want to do a homework assignment that we have had at home since Monday. He's on day 3 of getting to bed later than 6:30-7:00, so I was expecting it. We did half of the homeword Monday and I thought we should just get the second half of it finished this afternoon after school, but Gage didn't like that idea. Anyway, after we got to the church, Scott dropped the kids and I off while he ran a couple of errands. I sat near the middle of the church sanctuary, hoping to look through my calendar and make a few "to-do" lists. After the rehearsal got started, and after I watched the kids misbehaving and then not doing what they were told to do, I decided I needed to move closer. I gave Gage the evil eye one time and he knew I meant business. He did very well the rest of the time. Emma was doing okay, but was having a hard time because she was being distracted by another little girl, who has entirely too much energy, or maybe she has ants in her pants? Anyway, Emma was attempting to copy the other little girl until she made eye contact with me, and then she straightened up a little. The girls were not standing when they were supposed to be standing and Emma was just dying to do what they were doing. She came over to me and said she was really tired and needed to sit down. I told her if she was too tired to stand up, then we needed to just go home and go to bed. She did pretty good the rest of the time. There were MANY who just WOULD NOT behave! I finally had enough and went up to one of the little boys and told him that he could either sit with me in the pew, or he could stand where he was supposed to stand and behave. He chose the latter (that was a good choice!). I think I had to get up 4 or 5 different times to tell 4 or 5 different kids that they were going to sit with me if they didn't start listening and behaving. Juanita was playing the music for the kids to sing to and when it was time for her to go, she asked me if I was the "Self-appointed B****". I thought that was the perfect title, hence my blog title S-A B, because I'm sure that's what each of those kids thought I was. I had several of them watching me and when I would make eye contact, I shook my head and gave them the evil eye. I think, for the most part, I had every one of them scared of me. I'm sure they'll run the other way when they see me in the halls of the church. I think all of those parents should be required to sit in the front pew and make sure their children are behaving, or else take them home and deal with them there. I'm betting that if I hadn't been there, in the front pew, mine would have been messing around as well. I can't wait until Saturday, when we have our next practice! NOT!

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