Friday, December 5, 2008

Grand Central Station

Apparently my prayers for good weather during my hour of Meals on Wheels deliveries wasn't loud enough? Just before I left, it started snowing like crazy and when I was on my way to the hospital to pick up the meals, it really started coming down. I was so nervous about the roads and getting the meals to everyone safely! I really think I stress out too much about these things. I think I had all of the meals delivered in an hour, so it wasn't too bad, but I did have a hard time finding 2 of the places. The frustrating part is that I've been to both of these places before, so you can imagine how difficult it was for me the first time!! I am guessing that Route 4 is the toughest route, which is the one I continue to get. I was the 2nd person to pick up coolers at the hospital and the last one to get them back. Hopefully Scott will be in town next Friday so he can help me out. Just as I delivered the last meal, it stopped snowing. Wouldn't you know it?

I went straight to the school after finishing the meal route and helped pack up the book fair. Sounds like it was a successful event! I know they got a nice check from me! :-)

The kids had swimming lessons late this afternoon and right after that, I took Gage to his friend's house for a playdate. He also got to eat supper with them so he was very excited about that. Emma was quite bummed, so we went to eat supper at McDonald's (her choice of course!). We came home and watched the Grinch until Gage came home. They both made it to bed around 8:30, so Scott will have fun with them tomorrow!

Tomorrow, and Sunday, I am going to help my friend, Kara, at her Pride of Dakota craft show. She makes such beautiful jewelry and I enjoy helping her out when I can. It will also be nice to get away from the house since Scott's been gone the past several days.

It's been like Grand Central Station here today. Tomorrow night is Scout Day with the Dakota Wizards and several kids from our Pack bought tickets. Last night the Cubmaster brought the tickets over, unannounced, to ask me if I wouldn't mind keeping them and having everyone come get them from me. Of course I told him I would. I made sure to ask him to send me an email of the list of who ordered what, and how many and the amount they owed for the tickets. He did send me that list, but I didn't receive the email they sent out to everyone telling them to come here to get the tickets. It would have been nice to know what everyone was told about when to pick them up at our house, so I could actually be here. One guy showed up at our house this morning, just before lunch, to pick up tickets and I had no idea who he was. I guess it was a good thing he had on his military uniform that had his name plastered on his chest! Anyway, we've had about 7 different people stopping to pick up their tickets and have about 7 more that need to! The game is tomorrow night, so I'm getting a little nervous about having so many yet in my possession. I guess we may end up going to the game afterall, if there are still tickets that haven't been picked up by tomorrow night!

I attempted to donate plasma this morning at Biolife, but they refused me because my pulse was too high. Hmmm..........I wonder if all the stress I'm under had anything to do with that? I hope they'll let me donate in the morning so I can get more money earned to pay off this big t.v. sitting in the living room!

Have a great weekend!

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